Recently you must have heard the news of The USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote breakdown chart and if You have confusion regarding this news that what is the actual scenario of this bill Who voted in the support of this bill and Who has been against this bill Then you are at the right place we will clear you every doubt here.

In this article, I am going to present to you every fact of The USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote Breakdown Chart so that you can have a complete image of this bill, I will suggest you o read this article till the last.

About USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote Breakdown Chart

The USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote breakdown chart

The USA parliament recently has passed an infrastructure bill worth 1 trillion USD this amount will be used to develop the infrastructure of the country. Like it will be used to construct bridges Roads increase access to broadband internet. This bill was being delayed for the past few months by the Democratic Party of Joe Biden.

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Many people are saying that this is Biden success because the past few months have been really bad for Joe Biden because he withdrawals his troops from Afghanistan. The people from all over the globe criticises Biden for His decision. Even the People from the USA also were against this decision. To know more about USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Breakdown Chart click here

How The Amount Has Been Distributed For Different Work

  • For the federal highways, the government has allotted $7.3 billion and $563 Million for the construction of bridges and their repair. ! billion has been specially allotted for the development of transport facilities like the development of buses and railways.
  • $100 Million has been allotted by the government to improve the internet facilities in the country especially in rural parts of the country where there is less internet connectivity or slow connectivity.
  • The USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote Breakdown chart bill also has a separate budget for the lakes for the purpose to restore them. For this government has decided to invest almost $66 billion.

Vote Breakdown Chart In This Bill

In this paragraph, I will tell you how the house representative of different parties voted for that bill. The total number of house representative who was in support of this bill is 228 of which 215 representative were from the Democratic party and 13 were from the Republic party.

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The total number of house representative who was against this bill was 206 of which 6 were from the democratic party and 200 representatives from the republic party. And to pass that bill minimum number of approval required was 218 and due to this, the historic bill of 1 trillion USD was passed.

Who Voted And Who Not?

I just told you that how many representatives from both parties voted in favour of that bill or in against it. So it is impossible to write down 200 names here. But the interesting thing is from both the parties few representatives supported their against parties The USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote Breakdown chart and I am sure the readers want to know their names.

The Democratic Party Representative who said No To Their Own Party Bill

  • Jamaal Bowman
  • Cori Bush
  • Alexandria Ocasio
  • Ilhan Omar
  • Ayanna S. Pressley
  • Rashida Talib

The Republic Party Representative Who Said Yes To This Bill

  • Don Bacon
  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Andrew Garbarino
  • Anthony Gonzale
  • John Katko
  • Adam Kinzinger
  • Nicole Malliotakis
  • Tom Reed
  • Christopher Smith
  • Fred Upton
  • Jeff Van Drew
  • Don Young
  • David Mckinely


In this article, I tried to cover each and every question like The USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote Breakdown chart and details of the bill. Still, if you have any questions regarding this like The USA Infrastructure Bill 2021 Vote Breakdown chart then tell us in the comments below we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  1. TELL YOUR GRANDCHILDREN, GREAT GRANDCHILDREN and THEIR Children today the EVIL, socialist, Liberal Democrat party screwed them FOR THEIR FUTURE. Along with 13 REPUBLICANS. Say their names

  2. My question is who (Democrats and Republican s) have READ the infrastructure bill? Did they vote for a bill without knowing what was in it?

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