Recently the must wait for IPO GMP date has been announced, Which are Paytm IPO GMP and all the investors from all over India and some from the other parts of the world. and every investor even common people from every corner of the country just want to get complete information about that topic like Paytm IPO GMP, Allotment Status, Price and so many things. But all the websites are misguiding people.

So in this article, we will provide you with every information about this topic and if you want to get complete information about that topic then read his article till the end and I am sure your every doubt will be cleared.

Let,s Know More About Paytm


It is an Indian tech company which help in the online use of cash. In this digital world, people use such apps they are not carrying cash. They always prefer to transfer cases online from one bank account to another bank account and even use this app for recharging their phones and electric bills and many more types of payment can be done through this app.

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It was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in August 2010 the headquarter of his company is based in Noida IndiaThe parent company of Paytm is One97 Communications Ltd. Is it a company of future because it has made a change in the world of banking the future of company looks so good. To know more about this company in detail click here.

Paytm IPO Allotment Status

Paytm Has opened its IPO today for all investors. This IPO is the biggest IPO of our country till now. Paytm’ has opened IPO to sell its share worth  18,300 crores everyone who invests in stocks are excited to purchase the share of Paytm. As the Bid has been started today which means 8 November and the bidding will be closed on 10 November.

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Price Of Paytm IPO

The Paytm IPO price is between 2,080 to 2150 per share and a retail investor can bid for a maximum of 1 lot in this lot there will be 6 shares. And maximum you can bid for 15 such lots. Now it is up to you how many lots you wanna purchase from Paytm IPO.

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The size of the IPO is 18,300 crore and the face value is 1 rupee. It will list at BSE And NSE.

Grey Market Premium

In a recent interview, Abhay Doshi has revealed that the Paytm IPO GMP share price of Paytm in the unlisted market will be trading at 60 rupees. in this grey market Premium, the share holder of this company will trade between them, and in an unlisted market.

Should You Invest In Paytm IPO GMP?

According to me and some financial experts of the stock market, You should Invest in Paytm IPO GMP because it is India biggest IPO till now which means it is a mega IPO and on other hand, everyone knows that Paytm is the company for the future then you must invest in this IPO but I will suggest you be careful while investing do proper research by yourself or else take advice from an expert then invest in this.

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In this article I tried to explain everything in detail on Paytm IPO GMP and every information given here is from a trusted source. We don’t serve false information here. Still, if you have any questions regarding Paytm IPO GMP then tell us we will clear your question.


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