Mieruko Chan Episode 1-9 was and still is a big hit and it is liked by people of different ages and different interests. After the very huge success of previous episodes, we all are waiting for the release of Mieruko Chan Episode 10 release date. Find it out underneath.

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Release Date, Season 1, Countdown, Spoilers, UK, USA, Australia

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Release Date

Mieruko Chan is an upcoming Japanese anime television series produced by A-1 Pictures. The series is scheduled to premiere next month. Episodes of Mieruko Chan will be exclusively released on Amazon Prime Video in Japan. For all the fans, we have updated the latest news about Mieruko Chan which includes Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Release Date, Time, Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Spoilers.

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Mieruko Chan is an amazing Japanese anime series that is based on the manga series written by Nakamura Yoshiko. The television series represents 10 episodes of this story with English voice acting & synchronization.

This season of Mieruko Chan was aired on October 3, 2021. This season received huge popularity at the time of premiere with its 2nd season about the adventures of a high school student named Mieruko, who is 11 years old and being bullied at her school for being overweight.

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Release Date and Time

December 5, 2021, is the Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Release Date, which you can mark your calendars. In the previous episode of Mieruko Chan Season 1, we saw that Pikashan appeared outside of Bo-bobo’s house and she was looking for food. Someone then threw a fresh chicken to Pikashan and that did not infuriate Bo-bobo at all.

If you are in search of the upcoming episode 10 of the Mieruko Chan anime series then your wait is over. Here are the timings for the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and more:

  • 10 PM JST
  • 5 AM PT
  • 8 AM ET
  • 1 PM GMT
  • 3 PM CET

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Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Spoilers and Plot

In the upcoming Mieruko Chan Episode 10, Mieruko Chan will have a date with her long-time crush, Gombay.

Gombay is a student living next to the Hinata Dormitory where Mieruko and Inuzuka Inuyama live. In an episode from November 30th, Mieruko recognizes Gombay by seeing him at the convenience store early in the morning. She also notices that Gombay always goes to their dormitory. This triggers her to make a set up a plan to invite him out on a real date!

Mieko and her friends are invited to a theatre as a promotion for the upcoming Mieruko Chan Movie. Mieko begins to realize that she will be required to watch the movie and soon discovers that she has much more to think about.

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Watch Online

To watch Mieruko Chan Episode 10 online, just head on over to Funimation’s streaming website or mobile apps and watch it there if you already have an account. If you do not, you’ll only need to make sure that the latest episode is available in your region before creating an account to watch it online. If you prefer to watch the Japanese version without subtitles, click the CC button. At the top of the video, you can choose between three different qualities in regard to video playback.


Mieruko Chan is a new anime produced by Ufotable and it was initially released on October 3, 2021. There will be a new episode every Sunday with a run time of 12 episodes. This anime has been getting some attention from social media and online communities so if you have not watched this anime yet you should catch up on the new season.

So, this was all Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Release Date, Season 1, Countdown, Spoilers, UK, USA, Australia. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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