Its that time again, to speculate the Invasion Episode 8 release date. There hasn’t been much news on the series since June last year but we may have some interesting news today. The Invasion Episode 8 release date has been announced on the official facebook page. Here is all you need to know about Invasion Episode 8 Release Date, Spoilers, and Watch Online in USA, UK, India, and Australia.

Invasion Episode 8 Release Date

Invasion Episode 8 Release Date: Recap

When it comes to “Invasion,” creators Simon Kinberg and David Weil decided to avoid presenting a larger-than-life inter-species war in favor of investigating how an extraterrestrial invasion may effect the lives of the average Joe and Jane instead.

Suddenly, the aliens arrive and make their presence known as Aneesha’s husband intends to leave her. In order to travel to his estranged wife in the United States, Trevante Ward realizes that he must navigate a worldwide warzone.

‘Invasion’ is having another exciting episode, and it will be just as thrilling as the last ones. Casper Morrow’s health condition has changed drastically, and Mitsuki lost her best friend. There are many other situations that need our attention, so we should check them out fast!

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Invasion Episode 8 Release Date Announced!

Sci-fi series ‘Invasion’ will be shown on November 26, 2021. The episode will be available on Apple TV+ at 12 a.m. ET for streaming. All 8 episodes from the first season will show consecutively on a weekly basis starting from October 22, 2021.

Apple TV+ will air the brand new sci-fi series titled ‘Invasion.’ Starting on October 22, 2021, the first three episodes of the first season will be broadcast at the same time. On Fridays from November 2 onward, the seven last episodes will be shown.

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Invasion Episode 8 Watch Online

Viewers can watch the eighth episode of “Invasion” on Apple TV+ along with their subscriptions. The seventh and eight episodes of “Invasion” was originally only premiering on the network, but now audiences can stream it at their leisure.

Invasion Episode 8 Spoilers

Luke and Aneesha Ward might be drawn closer together as they realize that Luke’s father isn’t coming to rescue them. Army officer Colonel Tom Madigan will be drawn even further towards the invaders. Midway through the episode, British and American troops along with civilians will begin to flee London and head for Dorset via the evacuation route which the Dorset police know about but couldn’t tell anyone else.

Fletcher has just killed an older man, to which he will later joke about. This prompts him to make contact with his IRA handler, who might offer him a ship ride back to the US through an airfield up North. He’ll be joining other desperate soldiers who are trying to get home before the Russians do.

Invasion Episode 8 Spoilers: Both the Americans and the Japanese government form a plan to return Chihiro back to her own dimension. Casper will be confronted with more terror than anyone has ever seen when he returns home.


These episodes are looking better than ever. The showrunner has finally figured out that there is no reason to stick these episodes on TV, if they are just going to get leaked online. One of our favorite things about Invasion is that at least the episodes are making their way online, which means that the show isn’t getting cancelled any time soon.

If you liked Invasion as an anime, please recommend it to others as a must-watch. Fans might be interested to know that the manga is still on-going and currently unlicensed.

So, this was all about Invasion Episode 8 Release Date. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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