Some people were asking to write about IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team. This is going to be a really big event, it always does. So we are here with all researched topics on IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team. We will only talk about the RCB team in this article because this is our topic for today. Once you read this article, I know you would not need to search for another article to gain information on IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team topic.

We will cover every single detail in this article, I know not everyone’s like cricket in the starting but if you are new to this, and you do not know what I am talking about, still you do not have to worry, I will explain everything in a short detail in this article.

That was all about the introduction part, Now let’s not waste any more time, and let’s get started with our main topic for today, which is IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team.

What Is IPL Mega Auction?

IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team
IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team

As I said not everyone knows about this. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. If you are new to the cricket fan base, then this name could be very new and unfamiliar for you. But do not worry I will explain it in short so you can understand better.

Know more about IPL Mega Auction

If you already know about this, then you can skip this point and jump to another. If you know nothing then you can keep reading, this will enhance your knowledge about cricket.

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An IPL auction happened where everyone can buy or sell a team. Not only teams but also they can buy single players for their team or the whole team. This is what happens in the auction of IPL. Every player has a different price ratio and they buy him according to that ratio.

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So that was all about IPL mega auction. I believe now you must have known about this very well. So let’s start with our main topic for today, which is IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team.

IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team

  • Virat Kohli

Indian team’s captain and great skipper Virat Kohli is yet to get the trophy. Although, He has won the game in 2021, let’s see if he can win again. And if he can show us what he is capable of, even he surprises his fans with his abilities every time during the matches.

  • AB DE. Villers

We have seen AB in the consent form of playing. He has been playing in the RCB for a long time. He is really a good player, he has stopped playing for international cricket form but we can see him in action in RCB.

  • Mohd. Siraj

Mohd is playing really wonderful since the IPL season. He has been a great skipper and now we can see him as a bowler too. So we can say he is retaining for IPL season 15. This is a piece of fact news about Mohd. Siraj.

  • Devdutt Padikkal

Our last member on the list but not for the RCB team is Devdutt. He has been a great player in every IPL franchise and we are seeing him this time too. This is a piece of awesome news for the fans of the Devdutt.


In this article, I have written about IPL 2022 Mega Auction RCB Team. Gave you as much as information I could scrap. Used every inch of original and accurate news. If you still have any questions left in your mind then you can comment below, we will get to you as soon as possible.

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