If you are also wondering about CVC Capitals Owners Name, then it is not surprising. As CVC Capitals have won the bidding for the upcoming Ahemdabad IPL franchise recently, all IPL fans are going crazy about this group. They all now want to know who are the owners of this company and what are their net worth. That’s why we have brought this guide to you.

CVC Capital Partners is a private equity and investment advisory firm. It is actually a Luxembourg-based company whose Main Office is in London. Since it is an international company that has won the bid for an IPL team, they are getting more attraction among Indians. In case you do not know, this firm has invested in a lot of sports worldwide and it is not something new that they have done in IPL.

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CVC Capitals Owners Name
CVC Capitals Owners Name

Irelia Company Pte Ltd. (CVC Capital Partners) won the bid for the Amhemdabad-based IPL franchise team with Rs 5625 crores and it was another investment made by them in global sports. From Formula One, football, to rugby, and now, then have finally invested in cricket. They have made millions of dollars of investments in other sports and have earned huge profits.

Finally, they have got their own IPL team and it will be interesting to see how are they going to work in the player’s bidding process as they will also have to build their team from scratch.

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If we talk about the CVC Capitals Owners Name, it is actually a Private Equity and its key people are Steve Koltes, Donald Mackenzie, Rolly van Rappard. Currently, John Clark is the Managing Partner and CEO of this company.

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