If you love the spirit chronicles series and want to know about Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will tell you everything about Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date. There are a lot of rumors about this series’ season 2 for now, some people say there will be no season 2, while others say there will be the second episode but nobody knows the release date.

So we will share everything with you regarding this topic. We will clear out some rumors about this topic. It took some hours to gather all the official information on this topic. Because we do not share false misleading information about any topic. Everything you will read in this article will be authentic and accurate. Nothing more will be added for views.

That was all about the information part. Let’s not waste any more time, let’s get started with our main topic, which is Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date.

Story Behind Spirit Chronicles

Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date
Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

There is always a story that plays important role in the success of any series or story. This anime series has put a lot of impact on anime lovers, now they are deeply in love with this series. We will share the story with you guys now, if you already know the story then you can skip this point and jump to another, or else you can keep reading. It is all up to you.

Know more about Spirit chronicles

The story revolves around Haruto a young boy who has died before he could reunite with his old friend, who was disappeared five years ago. On the other hand, there is a young boy Rio living in slums, who wants to take revenge on behalf of his mother, who was killed in front of him, when he was only five years old. Now two different bodies with different backgrounds, from the earth and another world reunite in Rio’s body with Haruto’s memories.

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Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date

Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date is not set up by the officials. So every date you are reading on the articles is totally fake. We have some information, on behalf of this information, we have predicted a month when this will be hit the internet, and we will be able to watch this series on that month. It will be released everywhere on the same day and date. So your living nation does not matter here.

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There is no official announcement but we have a month to tell you. As you know, season 1 has already ended in September, it has a total of 12 episodes. It went really well and hit the top too. Season 2 can be aired somewhere in the last 2021. So we can expect November or December could be the month for this series’s release date.

How To Watch Spirit Chronicles

There are many platforms but some trusted ones are given below.

  • Amazon Prime

You can watch this anime series on Amazon prime. This is one of the safest platforms. You can enjoy this series in awesome video quality too. But this is not free to use.

  • Crunchyroll

This is another best platform to watch this series. This is free to use and also you can find any anime series on this platform.


In this article, I have told you all about Spirit Chronicles Season 2 Release Date, season 1 episode list. The releasing month I have provided is totally predicted. It could hit the internet early or a few days later.

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