There are a lot of pieces of news about Loki season 2 episode 1 release date, but all of them seems to be false because today I have searched and try to know what the officials are saying about this and what officials are saying about Loki season 2 episode 1 release date is completely different than the other articles are claiming it to be.

But we will not spin off anything from you or deceive you, we will not spread false information about Loki season 2 episode 1 for views, in this article, you will get to know the exact truth behind the release date even though this is going to hurt you a little but still, I will be straight forward with you guys.

So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with the main topic which is Loki season 2 episode 1 release date.

Story Of Loki

Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date
Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

People love this series a lot and that is why they are waiting to know the Loki season 2 episode 1 release date and that is because it has an awesome story and before writing about this, I was watching the trailer and teaser and I loved it personally and I am also waiting for this as well as with you guys. If you already know the story of this series then you can skip to the release date point but if you do not know about this story then I would recommend you to keep reading.

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This series is based on the Avenger Endgame character and we saw in that movie that they provide the magical escape for Loki and in this series, Loki is the center of the series and camera and explaining everything with the story, I know this seems a bit complicated but if you watch this series you must be getting all my words.

That is all about the story behind Loki and if you have not yet watched this series and you are a fan of the Avenger series then you should give it a try. Let’s kill the suspense and talk about Loki season 2 episode 1 release date.

Loki Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

There will be no time-wasting and we will come to the Loki season 2 episode 1 release date directly but I know this is going to break your heart so let’s tighten your seatbelts and let’s get to it.

Know more about Loki

Loki season 2 will start filming in January 2022 which means there are still some months for production and then after another year it will be ready to release, so we can make a guess that we can not watch it before January 2023. it was scheduled to produce and release in this current year but due to the pandemic virus, everything got delayed so as Loki.

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Now there is nothing that we can do besides waiting and let’s talk about where you can watch this series.

Where To Watch Loki?

There are many platforms but some trusted ones are given below.

  • Disney Plus

Loki is the special series of Disney plus so you can not watch it on any other platforms and you have to buy the membership to watch Loki on Disney plus.

  • Telegram

Although, this is only available for Disney plus still you can watch it on telegram because you can find any series on here and it is free and trusted as well.


In this article, I have told you all about Loki season 2 episode 1 release date which is not going to be early than January 2023, if you have any more questions regarding this topic you can comment below and we will get to you as soon as possible.

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