In this article, we will explore the Erupi Bank List. A lot of users are excited to know about the Erupi and the bank’s list that will be live with this payment method. Here, we will also discuss Erupi App Download and how to use this platform.

Erupi Bank List
Erupi Bank List| App Download

What is Erupi?

Before discussing Erupi Banks List and Erupi app download, you must know the basic introduction of this app:

Erupi is a contactless digital payment method where the sender will provide money in the form of a voucher for a specific purpose.  Today on August 2, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced this great payment method. This payment method will support end-to-end transactions. Private companies can also use these vouchers to provide some benefits to their employees. It is a highly secured payment method so you need not worry about it.

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How to Use Erupi?

It is a quick and safe platform that offers high security to users. Even you do not have a smartphone, you can get the benefit of this payment method. This digital platform is simple and easy to use. You can easily scan the QR code and redeem money. It will be widely used for various services provided by the government under different schemes such as providing nutritional support,  drugs, TB eradication programs, and much more.

Erupi App Download

After discussing Erupi Bank List, you might be interested to explore about Erupi App Download.

e-RUPI is not an app so it cannot be downloaded. You will get a QR code or a code via SMS to redeem money for certain benefits. It is a voucher-based digital payment method that would be sent to mobile phones in form of a QR code and SMS. It is similar to a prepaid gift voucher that you can redeem at some specific centers without any cards and internet banking.

Erupi Bank List

Here is the list of banks that would be live with the Erupee. You can explore the complete Erupi Bank List:

  • Axis Bank: This will be the Issuer as well as Acquirer. The acquiring app will be Bharat Pay.
  • HDFC Bank: It will be both Issuer and the Acquirer. The acquiring app will be HDFC Business App.
  • Canara Bank: It will be the Issuer.
  • ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank will be both Acquirer as well as Issuer. The acquiring app for this bank is Bharat Pe & PineLabs.
  • Bank of Baroda: It will be both Issuer and Acquirer. The acquiring app will be BHIM Baroda Merchant Pay.
  • Indusind Bank: It will be the Issuer.
  • Indian Bank: It will be the Issuer.
  • Kotak Bank: It will be the issuer.
  • Punjab National Bank: PNB will be both issuer and the acquirer. The acquiring app for PNB is PNB Merchant Pay.
  • State Bank of India: SBI will be both issuer and the acquirer. The acquiring app for SBI is YONO SBI Merchant.
  • Union Bank of India: It will be the issuer.

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Here, we have embedded the official tweet of this app that will help you to explore more about this payment method.

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Wrap Up

It was the complete guide on Erupi Bank List. Now we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information regarding the bank list. If you will find any queries regarding the list of banks for this app then you can drop your queries in the comment section. It would be our pleasure to solve your queries and doubts regarding Erupi Bank List.

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