The latest World of Warcraft Update 9.0.5 is announced a few hours ago and the patch notes of this upcoming update are revealing that it is going to be a major update. Due to this, all players in this game are excited about this major patch.

Here, you will get the complete details about the latest World of Warcraft Update 9.0.5, its release date, maintenance starting time, patch notes, and other information. Let’s explore the complete details about this latest update without any delay.

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world of warcraft update 9.0.5

World of Warcraft Update 9.0.5 Announced

The developer of World of Warcraft has announced the release schedule of the major upcoming update of this game today. This upcoming update 9.0.5 of this game will be released during the upcoming scheduled maintenance of this game that will take place on March 9 in the USA, March 10 in the EU, and March 11 in Asia.

This upcoming update will make a lot of changes to the game. We have provided all details below. Read them carefully to know about the new features that will be added to the game through this latest update.

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World of Warcraft Update 9.0.5 Patch Notes


  • Kyrian Covenant Companions
    • Kyrian Phalanx health increased by 16%.
  • Necrolord Covenant Companions
    • Fixed an issue where Bonesmith Heirmir Serrated Shoulder Blades weren’t inflicting damage back to the enemy.
    • Maldraxxus Plaguesinger’s Plague Song has been redesigned – Plague Song now deals damage to ranged enemies every round.
    • Rencissa the Dynamo spell effectiveness increased by 40%.
    • Assembler Xertora spell effectiveness increased by 10%.
    • Rattlebag spell effectiveness increased by 20%.
  • Night Fae Covenant Companions
    • Qadarin spell effectiveness increased by 24%.
    • Blisswing’s damage reduction now correctly applies to enemies.
    • Yira’liya health increased by 16% and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
    • Duskleaf health increased by 20% and spell effectiveness increased by 25%.
    • Lloth’wellyn health increased by 33% and ability damage increased by 25%.
  • Venthyr Covenant Companions
    • Venthyr Nightblade attack increased by 25%.


  • Undead cloaks will now be as tattered as the forsaken wearing them.


  • Ashen Hallow (Venthyr Paladin), Abomination Limb (Necrolord Death Knight), Swarming Mist (Venthyr Death Knight), Death’s Due (Night Fae Death Knight), Wild Spirits (Night Fae Hunter), Resonating Arrow (Kyrian Hunter), and Ancient Aftershock (Night Fae Warrior) visual effects will now appear less overwhelming to allied players when cast in dungeons or raids. These changes are still going through iterations and may not be final.
  • Many abilities are now better at avoiding in-combat enemies that the player is not engaged with (e.g. Convoke the Spirits, Starfall, Chain Harvest, Fel Bombardment, Divine Toll).
    • Frost
      • Fixed an issue that caused Inexorable Assault (Talent) to consume Spell Reflection.
    • Unholy
      • Fixed an issue that caused Unholy Pact (Talent) to sometimes not hit large raid bosses.
    • Covenant Abilities
      • Shackle the Unworthy (Kyrian) damage increased by 15% and damage reduction debuff increased to 8% (was 5%).
      • Abomination Limb (Necrolord) now correctly deals damage and pulls in enemies while the Death Knight is crowd-controlled.
      • Abomination Limb (Necrolord) no longer pulls in enemies that are in Stealth.
      • Death’s Due (Night Fae) damage reduction debuff and Strength buff increased to 2% per stack (was 1%). Now stacks up to 4 times (was 8).
    • Havoc
      • Unbound Chaos (Talent) damage increased to 500% (was 300%).

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For complete patch notes of this upcoming major World of Warcraft Update 9.0.5, you can check out the official site of this game. You will get it there in detail.

Conclusion: World of Warcraft Update 9.0.5

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about this latest World of Warcraft Update 9.0.5, its patch notes, release schedule, and much more. If you have any doubts or questions related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your queries and doubts.

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