The complete Valheim Update 0.148.6 Patch Notes are available as the latest update of Valheim is released a few hours ago and it has made some optimizations as well as bugs fixed to the game. Due to this, all players in this game want to know about the changes that they will get in the game after installing this latest update.

Here, you will get the complete Valheim Update 0.148.6 Patch Notes, its downloading guide, update file size, and other information related to this latest update. Let’s explore the complete details about this latest update without any delay.

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valheim update 0.148.6 patch notes

Valheim Update 0.148.6 Patch Notes Available

Valheim is a popular game that is currently in its early access. Even in the early access, this game is making records and a lot of gamers are enjoying it. The developer of this game is also working on this game to make it better. Today, the latest update of this game is released and Valheim Update 0.148.6 Patch Notes are available.

You can now download this latest update on your gaming platform. Currently, we do not know the exact update file size of this latest update. But, we will provide it here as soon as possible. You can also check the file size before updating the game.

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How to Update Valheim?

You can easily update this game to its latest version. If you have enabled the automatic update for this game on Steam, then this game will be updated to its latest version automatically. In case you have disabled the automatic updates for this game, do not worry, when you will launch Valheim on your Windows or Linux PC, Steam will check for the latest update of this game and install it.

If you want, you can go to Steam and switch to Automatic updates for this game for better and faster updates. Otherwise, this game will be updated manually by the mentioned method.

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Complete Valheim Update 0.148.6 Patch Notes

Here are the complete patch notes of this latest update. Read it completely to know about the changes made to the game through this latest update. Some optimizations are made as well as bugs are also fixed.

  • Campfire,Bonfire & hearth take damage when dealing damage
  • Reinforced chest inventory space increased to 6×4
  • All boss drops can now float on water
  • Sunken crypt entrance tweaked (to stop tombstones from getting stuck)
  • Fixed rotation of Wood tower shield on item stands
  • Deathsquito & Drake trophy drop rate increased
  • 1 & 2 Star creature HP fix
  • Night-spawning wolves should be easier to tame now (should stop trying to run away & despawn after starting to tame)
  • Harpoon does not work on bosses anymore
  • Ingame console disabled by default (add launch argument “-console” to enable)
  • The console command for enabling developer/debug commands has been changed to “devcommands” from “imacheater” and a warning message has been added.
  • Improved enemy projectile reaction system
  • Battle axe tweaks (hits multiple enemies easier)
  • Player knockback force is affected by equipment speed modifiers (IE heavy gear will reduce the knockback from enemies)
  • Blackforest stone tower tweaks
  • Ward system fixes (You can no longer place a new ward where an enemy ward overlaps)
  • Comfort calculation fixed
  • “Failed to connect” error message fixed
  • Serpent trophy stack fix

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You detailed patch notes, visit the official site of this game.

Conclusion: Valheim Update 0.148.6 Patch Notes

In conclusion, we hope that you have got the complete details about the latest Valheim Update 0.148.6 Patch Notes, its patch notes, the downloading guide, update file size, and much more. If you have any doubts or queries related to this latest update, you can ask us in the comment section. We are here to help you in solving all your questions and doubts.

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