After the last update, now the new patch notes are released for rocket league. Let’s check what are the important additions in Rocket League 1.93 Update Patch Notes Today February 2021. The makers of rocket league psyonix have added new update to the game today on 15 February. This is the second patch update this month, the first one 1.92 was released earlier this month.

Rocket League 1.93 Update Patch Notes

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Rocket League 1.93 Update Patch Notes

Now let’s check what are the new things added in rocket league 1.93 Update.

The major change in this update is about 2-factor authentication. Now starting from this version update, The 2 factor authentication in your epic games account is mandatory for player to player trade in the game.

The creator of rocket league psyonix was acquired by epic games a few years ago. As now your account is connected to epic games as well, players need to enable two-factor authentication on epic games account for doing player to player trade in the game. Besides this rocket league 1.93 Update Patch notes have various bug fixes.

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Rocket League 1.93 Patch Notes

Changes and Updates –

  • players must have enabled 2FA on their epic games account, for participating in player to player trading in the game.
  • For this player must have a verified email address with epic games.
  • Players must note that the first trade after 2FA enabled is gonna take a longer time than usual. After this first trade, it will be executed in normal time.

Bug Fixes –

  • Fixed bug related to split-screen players, which was preventing them from matchmaking in competitive playlist.
  • Issue related to “invite to party” is now solved.
  • lighting on Forbidden Temple is now fixed.
  • Unnecessary animation from the last update is removed.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ball to turn invisible in Spectator Mode when using Fly Cam

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