Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021 is out with a lot of changes. This game keeps on updating to add new features and fix some bug to this game. We have the complete Patch Notes of this update that will help you to know more about this update and changes.

Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021

Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021

On Today January 23, 2021, the developers have released the Dying Light 1.31 update. The size of this update may vary with the device. This patch notes will add some additional contents to the update. Its previous update was released in the month of December. With this update, a lot of new contents have been added.

This game is compatible with various platforms such as Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can enjoy playing this game any of these gaming platforms. This update would be automatically downloaded to your device, if automatic downloading does not take place then you can simply proceed to manually downloading. Once you have downloaded the latest version of this game, you can enjoy playing it on your desired platforms.

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Dying Light Update 1.31 Patch Notes

Here is the recent patch notes of this game that will help you to the contents added along with fixes made with this update.

  • Savoir Vivre that is a gentleman’s cane has been added with Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021.
  • Torn Whisper that is a a silenced pistol has been added to this game with Dying Light Update 2021.
  • Soaring Death which is a SMG contains larger ammo clip has been added with this update.
  • The developers have added the Secret Agent player skin.
  • The developers have added the Covert Crash buggy skin.
  • With Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021, the developers have added the new outfits.
  • A lot of new weapons and blueprints have been added with this update.
  • There is support for the additional dockets.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.
  • This update will enable support for the further DLC. Some double XP weekend is added to the game.

We have explained the complete information regarding Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021 January Patch Notes. You can stay tuned with us for further updates.

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More About Dying Light

It is a very useful survival video game that offers amazing gameplay. Techland is the developer of this game and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has published this game. This game was released on 28th January 2015. It comes under Survival horror and action-adventure genre. This game supports both Single-player and multiplayer mode, you can enjoy playing this game solo or with friends. You will explore a lot of weapons in this game. This game allows the players to fight or flight. Here, you will also find the asymmetrical multiplayer mode in this game.

You will find the four-player co-operative multiplayer mode. You can enjoy playing this game from the first-person perspective. This game contains the dynamic day–night cycle. In this game, the players can easily set traps as well as save random survivors. The players can also use the environmental traps like spikes, gas tanks, as well as electrified fences. In this game, you will find a lot of enemies, you have to fight with them and struggle for surviving. There are more than 100 weapons to explore.

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Wrap Up

We have explained the complete information regarding Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021 January. Now, we would like to conclude this article with the hope that you have got the complete information of this update. If you have any queries or doubts then you can feel free to ask us in the comment section. It would be our pleasure to solve your queries regarding Dying Light 1.31 Update 2021.

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