You can never truly say that you had a great childhood if you didn’t have a favorite cartoon show. Cartoons have become a huge part of our lives and even as we grow old, we still go back to our favorite cartoon shows and even embrace new ones because they bring us happiness, fun and great memories.

But watching cartoons today isn’t as simple as turning the TV on. With our hectic schedules, it’s hard to keep up with our favorite cartoon shows and popular streaming apps also charge a lot to gain access to their selection.

Good thing, there are free websites like WatchCartoonOnline and AnimeDao where you can enjoy old and new cartoons without paying for anything. But which is better?


WatchCartoonOnline is very popular among cartoon lovers for its wide repertoire of complete cartoon series. This free streaming website has been the go-to for both children and adults who want to keep up with their favorite cartoon shows even if they are not able to watch it through regular TV programming.

Aside from its collection of classics, WatchCartoonOnline also updates its selection regularly where it takes pride in having fresh episodes of new shows as soon as they get released on TV.

The best thing about this website is that you don’t need to sign up or pay for anything to gain access to a wide selection of cartoon shows.

You just need to visit the website and enjoy your favorite cartoons for free. This is why WatchCartoonOnline is very popular for streaming cartoon content online.


Anime has captured the hearts of fans not only in Japan but also around the world. But it’s also no secret that watching fresh anime episodes can be challenging because most popular streaming websites will require you to pay for a monthly subscription to stream your favorite anime shows.

Fortunately, the high demand for free anime content has prompted the development of several websites focusing on anime cartoon shows. One of the most popular options today is AnimeDao, a website where you can enjoy a huge selection of anime shows and stream them in resolutions between 340p to 1080p.

What anime fans really love about AnimeDao is that it offers a very simple interface and the option to switch between light and dark themes depending on your lighting.

Unlike most streaming websites, AnimeDao consumes a very low bandwidth while ensuring that you have a smooth streaming experience. This is especially important if you have an unstable Internet connection or if you’d like to stream while on the go.

To make things even more convenient, AnimeDao also allows you to bookmark your favorite videos so you can instantly go back to them when you have the time.

The conclusion

The choice between WatchCartoonOnline and AnimeDao will really depend on the type of show that you want to watch. If you’re into more generic cartoon shows, then WatchCartoonOnline is definitely an excellent choice. But if you’re after anime show, you can opt for AnimeDao.

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