Torrent sites have been the alternatives for enthusiasts to download their favorite movies. Over the years, torrent websites have come and gone due to issues on legality.

But once a torrent site is shut down, another one would soon be available. Until one is discovered and will be forced to shut down, people would continue uploading and downloading these files to their devices.

One of the most accessed torrent sites is YIFY, but is this legal? Is it worth visiting? What are the risks and what will happen if you get caught?

Torrenting has some legitimate uses like distributing the files among users instead of putting it in a centralized system. Torrents are legal provided that the files are within the public domain. Torrenting only becomes illegal if you are to access and download copyrighter files or content.

YIFY prevents legitimate businesses in the film making industry from making profits from ticket sales or DVD sales. The illegal downloads of movies from YIFY from millions of Internet users across the world could have been huge money from legit businesses in Hollywood.

As far as the law is concerned, torrenting is simply stealing and piracy. Taking someone else’s copyrighted data or files is punishable by law and possibly imprisonment.

What will happen if you will get caught?

Using torrents to download and save copyrighted files or content to your device may cause legal issues. Your ISP or Internet Service Provider monitors your Internet activity and may take legal actions if they catch you doing illegal torrents.

Your Internet Service Provider may send you a warning letter or slow down your Internet speed.

Should you access

Accessing the site is a good idea to better understand the importance of copyright. Their website has useful content that explains why torrenting files and content do not only cause you legal ramifications but also is majorly affecting the film and creative industry.

By understanding why copyright matters, you and the rest of the torrenters around the world will not only protect your device and self from malware and identity theft but also the entire creative industry.

Watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and Hollywood series legally will support filmmakers, producers, writers, creators, cameramen, and the entire production film to continuously produce quality and inspiring shows and films. Also, watching movies legally will inspire the next generation of moviemakers and creators.

Accessing will give you the list of legit channels where you can watch movies and TV shows, movies only, and TV only. Lastly, their “Film Ratings” category will give you insights on how to determine if a movie is appropriate for children. That way, you can find TV shows or movies that your family can enjoy.


If you are into Hollywood movies, American TV shows and series, there is no better way to do it than doing it legally. It does not only save yourself from legal ramifications but also helping the industry survive most especially in these trying times.

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