Over the years, multiple websites have emerged where viewers can stream and download movies for free.  Some of these websites have been shut down to legal and piracy issues but some remained in operation through proxies.

Streaming and downloads have become the most popular means of entertainment especially now that most people are confined at home.

MP4Mania and AnimeDao offer free and easy downloads of your favorite movies and anime on your phone, tablet, or computer. Users can now watch old and new releases without the need of going to cinemas or having to go out and buy DVDs. But which is better? Let’s compare MP4Mania vs AnimeDao.

MP4Mania Overview

MP4Mania carries a vast collection of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, TV series, and movies from different regions. The website is easy to navigate with a great looking homepage. Also, it has a large movie library that you can access and download for free.

Make use of the various filters to search for your favorite movies, TV shows or series quickly. You can filter your search and results through genre, series, language, animation, or 3D.

By setting the filter according to your preference, you can save time in sorting the long list of search results. Besides, the filter feature allows you to only come up with the most relevant results if not the exact content. Contents are also categorized according to language, video quality, and genre.  

Most of all, users and visitors are not required to create an account to access the online movie library.

AnimeDao Overview

AnimeDao is one of the most popular websites for anime lovers offering high quality videos and shows to their users and visitors. Depending on your Internet connection, the video quality of your favorite anime shows or series can be adjusted from 350p to 1080p, which viewers are also able to save on their Internet bandwidth.

The large collection of old and new anime series are dubbed in English to add to the viewers’ convenience. With the site’s ease of use and faster streaming experience, anime lovers prefer to watch old and new anime series and movies in AnimeDao.

Which is better, MP4Mania or AnimeDao?

The two sites are equal when it comes to a clean and simple interface. Both also have genre classification for an easier and faster movie or show search. But if you are into Hollywood movies, series, or TV shows, MP4Mania has more options compared to AnimeDao.

But if you are an anime lover, AnimeDao is the best website for you. Although MP4Mania also has an animation category, AnimeDao undoubtedly holds the title for this specification.

MP4Mania also offers both streaming and download of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV shows and series while AnimeDao is only for streaming. So, watching popular Japanese anime shows can only be done if you have an Internet connection.

Both sites have pros and cons, but at the end of the day, choosing which of the two is best depends on your movie and TV series needs. It won’t hurt if you want to access both or switch sites whenever MP4Mania does not have the animation or movie that you are looking for and vice versa.

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