There are lots of rumors going on with regards to the status of Adobe Flash Player in the coming year since Adobe is cutting off support after December 31, 2020.

Flash content will be blocked by Adobe so it will no longer run starting January 12, 2021. In this regard, users are warned that in order to protect their computer system, it is advisable to uninstall Flash Player from their devices effective immediately.

Why is Adobe going to end its support for Flash Player?

One of the reasons for this decision is the proliferation of open standards, such as the use of HTML5, WebGL, and WebAssembly. At the same time, these open standards are also integrated into major browsers, deprecating most plugins, including Flash Player.

It can be recalled that Adobe has made an announcement back in July 2017 regarding its plan to end its support for Flash content. Consequently, it has given sufficient time for businesses, designers, and developers to migrate to the new standard.

What happens after the End-of-Life date?

When the time comes, Adobe will no longer issue updates or security patches for Flash Player. This means that Adobe will warn users to uninstall Flash Player to help secure their systems.

Also, the support given by major browser vendors will disable Flash Player from running after the specified date.

Why Flash Player needs to be uninstalled?

Note that Flash Player stays in your computer system if you don’t uninstall it. If you don’t, Flash Player will have issues in the long run since Adobe will cease to provide updates after the said date.

If you fail to uninstall this plugin, there is a possibility that your browsing and viewing experience will be hampered. Since you will still use the plugin, it can affect the performance of your device and cause your browser to behave improperly.

What will replace Adobe Flash Player?

One great alternative to Adobe Flash is HTML5, which has features for playing audio and video within the Web pages. At the same time, it can be used to play some basic games and integrated vector graphics within the browser.

In addition, the use of modern Web standards has enabled the use cases of Flash to be done even without third-party plugins. In fact, HTML5 is deemed to work better than Flash in all aspects.

Apart from that, Flash has become vulnerable to exploits by taking control of the computer from a remote location. Thus, this functionality of HTML5 has caused Adobe Flash to be finally sidelined.

What are possible scenarios when Flash is gone?

  • It is time to move on by embracing HTML5
  • You can download older Flash games if you still want to play them beyond 2020
  • You may use some tweaks to your Google Chrome browser settings to experience some older features of Flash for as long as it allows you to
  • Audio or video content will start to play on your browser using the interactive HTML5 content format

If you haven’t updated your browser to a newer version, you may still be viewing Flash content. But it is necessary that you uninstall Flash Player as soon as possible before the deadline comes to avoid any trouble playing content on your browser.

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