A lot of people might be experiencing issues with Snapchat every once in a while. Many are asking why is Snapchat not working on their mobile devices.

If you are one of them, perhaps this quick fix can help solve your problem. But first, you might want to know a few things about Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app created by Snap Inc. for Android and iOS mobile devices. It was primarily developed for the creation of multimedia messages known as snaps to consist of a photo or a short video.

Moreover, you can edit snaps using effects and filters, drawings, and text captions. Snaps can also be sent privately to selected contacts or semi-public ‘story’ or public ‘our story’. The ability to send video snaps was added in 2012.

There are 229 million active daily users of Snapchat since March 2020, with an average of over 4 million snaps sent per day. This app is popular among the younger generation, specifically those below the age of 16, which has led to many concerns about privacy for parents.

Snapchat Pros

  • Offers an easy way to build credibility
  • Provides geofilters
  • Enables direct communication with companies
  • Ability to know who is watching your snaps
  • Collects snaps from people participating a particular event
  • Offers less interruptive commercial content
  • Post content on Snapchat that disappears after 10 seconds if not associated with a story
  • Ability to connect with other social media using Snapchat ID
  • Provides 10-second long content and removes it after 24 hours of being shared
  • Offers the Discover feature for users to explore premium content from outside publishers

Snapchat Cons

  • Limited amount of users compared to Facebook
  • Doesn’t offer enough feedback in terms of marketing standpoint
  • Stories are available for a limited time
  • Content mostly shared on Snapchat is classified as Internet waste
  • Temperamental interface
  • It is not easy to add friends on Snapchat in comparison to other social media platforms
  • Videos are for vertical viewing only
  • Possibility of encouraging bad behavior
  • No official re-sharing option
  • Snapchat is addictive
  • Pictures shared on Snapchat might not get deleted that could be a concern for security

Why is Snapchat Not Working?

Users are complaining early this year because Snapchat stopped without any reason. During that time Snapchat developers were not able to provide an official response.

Since many people are experiencing issues about the app, a number of ways were developed to fix them. In fact, there are options introduced into the mix to attempt a solution.

Here are a number of reasons why is Snapchat not working without any probable reason.

  • Snapchat requires updating
  • The app requires restarting the device
  • Poor Internet connection
  • Network permissions of the app
  • Snapchat cache is full
  • Snapchat servers are down

Restarting the Mobile Device

When you experience issues about Snapchat, such as not working or lagging, you may restart your mobile device. However, if Snapchat is experiencing server errors, you may wait for a while until the app goes back online.

You may also consider consulting the official Snapchat Twitter support account. This is the most updated source of information regarding app outages and how long it takes for the servers to get restored.

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