GoGoAnime is the go-to streaming site for anime fanatics who want to access unlimited anime shows for free. The site has an extensive collection of anime content with English subtitles, making it a popular destination for anime enthusiasts of all ages.

With all the chaos that is going on with the world today and the stress with the daily grind, people find comfort in watching their favorite anime shows.  

Without so much effort, watching anime through GoGoAnime streaming site makes them happy and entertained. But just recently, users and streamers reported having encountered issues accessing the website.

GoGoAnime website is considered illegal due to piracy standards. The site features unauthorized anime shows and series, the main reason why there is no permanent URL for GoGoAnime.  They keep on changing to avoid being catch and shutdown because leaking of pirated shows is illegal.

Is GoGoAnime safe to access?

The anime streaming website is not safe since it uploads, leaks, and streams pirated anime TV shows and series. Although you will not be held liable for streaming, downloading, or watching shows from GoGoAnime, its content may contain viruses or malware that can cause damage to your device.

Accessing the website takes extra precaution; refrain from clicking on pop-up ads and avoid unnecessary browsing.

Is the site shutdown?

GoGoAnime Wallpaper

Recently, many anime fans have expressed their worries and concerns for the website appear to be inaccessible. Users received error messages when accessing the website; “service unavailable” and “we are down”.  

It even became a trend on Twitter where thousands of users took their concern regarding the “shutdown” to social media.

Eventually, the issue has been resolved; the site is up and working again. GoGoAnime is now available to its users and anime fanatics. Although this is not the first time that the website was down, it is still the main concern for its users that they may not be able to watch their favorite anime movies and series.

GoGoAnime admin did not release any statement as to why the website was temporarily down. It could be due to a website bug that needs fixing or maintenance, but whatever is the reason, GoGoAnime always manage to resurface.

When online users are facing trouble accessing GoGoAnime website, they just need to follow these troubleshooting steps below:

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies. On your browser, click on SETTINGS, then select PRIVACY and SECURITY. From there, click the trash bin icon. Once done, refresh your browser by pressing CTRL + F5 simultaneously.
  • Check if your device is connected to the Internet. You can restart your device and your modem. If still unable to connect after restarting, check your Internet settings as well.
  • Perform an anti-virus check on your device just to make sure.

Users get anxious every time they experience trouble accessing GoGoAnime, but when all else fails after doing the basic troubleshooting, there are other anime streaming websites that offer an impressive collection of anime shows and series.

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