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In today’s world, entertainment means sitting on your couch at home watching TV shows, series, streaming music videos,  playing online games, and downloading video, music, and audio files which you can later indulge in.

This is the kind of entertainment that is very fitting in today’s chaotic world when the COVID19 pandemic restricts us to go outside and socialize.

The demand for video downloaders has increased due to the rising number of users who prefer to download contents from various platforms. Video downloaders like Vidmate and Videoder come in handy when it comes to saving content to your device. But between the two, which one is the best?

Let us talk about Vidmate and Videoder, their similarities, differences, and features.


Vidmate is an app that allows you to watch, stream, and download videos, music, and other digital content from various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Metacafe, SoundCloud, Instagram, among others.

The app also gives users the freedom to download content in their preferred video quality according to their device capacity.

The app has over half a billion users to date and is still considered a popular choice among Android, Windows, Blackberry, and PC users due to its amazing features.

Vidmate supports High Definition quality videos, downloads fast, and it allows you to watch live TV. Besides, the app lets you watch movies and videos even when offline. Free and easy to use, Vidmate is straight forward; it does not require high technical knowledge to use.


videoder vs vidmate

This is another popular video and digital content downloader that lets users of all ages to download and install their app without hassle. Videoder supports download from various Internet sharing and social media platforms in a variety of resolutions including 4K and various formats.

The apps’ interface is easy to navigate. Anyone that is not tech-savvy can use the app without issues. By simply copying and pasting the link of your favorite videos from the source to the search bar, the video is downloaded in a couple of seconds. Besides, Videoder features a video editing tool that you can use for your video creating DIY projects.

The same with Vidmate, this app also has a PC version. Another interesting Videoder feature is that it serves as a search engine where you can do the browsing without jumping from one website to another.

The Internet is flooded with different video downloaders which make choosing the best one can be daunting. But as long as you know what to look; what fits your needs, then you can start doing your own research. Vidmate and Videoder are the most popular choices among online users due to its format flexibility, ease and free of use, and safety.

The Takeaway

There is not much difference between Vidmate and Videoder, but the choice is up to you. It is always a good idea to do some research and make a comparison of their features for a well-informed choice.

Lastly, before making any download, make sure you have a reliable anti-virus installed on your device for malware or virus protection.

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