If you’re one of the millions of people who love downloading videos and music online, you’ve probably heard about VidMate at some point. This app is very popular because it allows users to not only play videos from popular streaming sites but also download them to enjoy offline for free.

But despite its popularity, there are still some questions about VidMate’s credibility as an app. Here are some things we know about VidMate still being safe this year or not:

VidMate is not on Google Play Store

It’s no secret for those who’ve tried downloading VidMate that it’s not available on Google Play Store and even on the Apple Store.

This is mainly because the app goes against these companies’ policy on downloading video and audio content for copyright reasons. Some people also believe that VidMate has been blocked on these app stores because it comes from China.

We all know that Chinese apps are heavy targets for criticism because of the belief that they could steal important data from your device.

But VidMate is actually developed and managed by a legitimate company called UC Web Developers that are part of Alibaba, the biggest tech giant in China. This gives VidMate some good credibility in the market.

VidMate has a lot of hidden ads

VidMate has been banned in some countries not only because it is a Chinese app but also because of some reports against its quality. For instance, a London-based mobile technology firm claims that VidMate has a lot of hidden advertisements that could be harboring harmful viruses and malware.

Its researchers also said that the app could subscribe a user to paid services without knowing it.

Some researchers from Upstream also claim that VidMate users could run the risk of being exposed to suspicious behavior that may cost them a lot of money and lose their personal information.

There have been no evidence proving these claims, however, and a lot of people who downloaded VidMate can attest to the fact that they didn’t encounter any problems with security while using the app.

VidMate violates YouTube’s policy

One of the reasons VidMate is blocked on Google Play Store and Apple Store is the fact that it violates YouTube’s policy on content. The popular video streaming website protects content creators by not allowing their content to be downloaded by anyone without the permission of the creator.

VidMate, however, overlaps this measure by giving users the opportunity to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other video streaming apps without any restrictions at all.

Although video downloading apps like VidMate are really under fire for what they offer, those who use the app are enjoying the immense benefits of being able to enjoy and download video and music without paying for a subscription or fee.

Whether or not VidMate is safe this year is still a topic for debate. But there’s definitely no harm in giving this app a try and if you encounter problems with it, you can always delete it any time.

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