The arrival of Minecraft: Pocket Edition has indeed enabled people to play the portable version of the game on a mobile device. So you don’t have to use a game console or a PC to play it.

But a lot of people are asking how to update Minecraft Pocket Edition after installing the game on their mobile devices.

What is Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE was generally developed for Android, Amazon Fire, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.


  • Provides solid mining and crafting experience
  • Simple multiplayer
  • Continuous development
  • Great looks and gameplay


  • Not able to connect to PC games
  • Not as deep compared to the PC version
  • Touch adaptations feel too easy

Creative and survival modes both come in the Pocket Edition. The creative mode enables players to fly around the game world and build using materials of infinite supply.

The survival mode is the main gameplay where building above ground happens during daytime. Monsters attack players and destroy creations during the night. While there is no story, you can become creative in a hostile environment.

How To Update Minecraft Pocket Edition

Google Play Store

Devices running Android can update the app from the Play Store. Search for your Apps and Games inside the Play Store to search for Minecraft PE. You can either update all your apps or just the version of Minecraft installed on your device.

App Store

As you open the App Store in your iOS device, look for the profile image of your account. Tapping this will display a list of apps you need to update. If you are using an older version of the app, you can view it from the list and tap the ‘Update’ button.

Other devices such as the Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Amazon Fire tablets are also using their own version of Minecraft. This may require a different way to update the game because of the platform used in each device.

Support For Older Devices and Platforms

Minecraft developers are going to end their support for older devices and platforms where Minecraft is installed. These may include devices such as the Gear VR, Windows 10 Desktop ARM, and Windows 10 Mobile.

As a result, players of such unsupported devices will be unable to use multiplayer or Realms subscription.

Likewise, Android devices with RAM below 768MB, iOS devices running iOS 10 or below, or video cards only supporting DirectX 10.1 or lower will no longer be supported for update.

Players of affected Android or iOS devices having the Realms subscription will still be able to access it until they select to update it from a different device. Also, devices using the same version can run the Multiplayer.

The update took effect in October 2020. After this date, if you are still playing on any of the devices mentioned, playing Minecraft is still possible. Your game world and marketplace purchases will still be available.

You may also move your worlds from the said devices to another by uploading the world to a Realms and downloading a backup on your new device. World files can also be transferred.

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