Some people might not get the idea that a PC is different from a Mac. That is just the way it is but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use one or the other or both.

Generally, a PC will refer to a computer running the Windows operating system. On the other hand, a Mac is one that can run all major OS in the world.

That is the reason why it is possible for you to play PC games on Mac. If you are one of the people who wants to know how to play PC games on Mac, here are tidbits of information suited for you.

PC VS Mac Performance

Many prefer using the Mac compared to the PC simply because of the features and qualities of the former. To name some, here is a list for you to peruse.

Less Is More

To begin with, PCs come in a variety of manufacturers with hundreds of them on the market. As bad as it may sound, sometimes it is true that less is indeed more.

Apple only has 5 different computers in a variety of specifications and build-to-order options. There are also some that will suit your budget, lifestyle, and power requirements.

Security Is Key

The Mac is far more superior in terms of system security compared to the PC. For one, it has continually shown to suffer less attacks than PCs running Windows. With hackers becoming more sophisticated in their approach, the Mac is still the safest platform.

Excellent Software

The Mac already comes packed with very useful apps upon purchase. This makes it more efficient compared to PCs wherein the essential stuff does not come with the machine.

The list goes on but everything seems to be in favor of the Mac almost in all aspects.

Play PC Games On Mac

There is no question that sometimes games on PC are not available on the Mac. That is why a lot of people would want to know how to play PC games on Mac.

Well, that is quite easy because the Mac can run almost all the operating systems out there including the Windows OS. So, here is a quick look at how to play PC games on Mac.

Mac Users Guide To PC Games

GeForce Now

If you really want to know how to play PC games on Mac, you can use the cloud-based game streaming service for macOS called GeForce Now. All you need to do is to connect via, Steam, and Uplay accounts and you will be able to access PC games on your Mac.

Google Stadia

Cloud gaming is possible for Google with Stadia that offers a full console experience without the console. As a remote game option, it depends on a decent Internet connection for a lag-free experience.

You can access Stadia from the Google Chrome browser without any installation required. Play on the big screen with Google Chromecast.


Do you like a full Windows experience on a Mac? Use Shadow as it provides a full copy of Windows 10. Install various launchers and change settings just like on a PC.

Gone are the days of monopoly. Anyone who wants to know how to play PC games on Mac can now enjoy many great options.

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