If you’re one of those who used the Internet in its early days, you probably know a thing or two about Opera Mini.

After all, this web browser has been around for more than two decades and it’s especially popular among users for its security and privacy features. Although it’s not the most famous web browser out there, it is one of the best when it comes to giving users a secure online experience.

But over the last few years, things have changed with Opera Mini. What used to be known as the most secure web browser in the world is now a little less reliable, especially when a Chinese consortium bought it in 2016 and speculations have begun surfacing about how this new management collects and stores personal data from Opera Mini users. So is this web browser still worth a try today?

Opera Mini offers an easy installation process

In a time when people look for convenience, Opera offers a pretty straightforward installation process where you simply need to visit the Opera website, click the download button and just wait for the browser to be installed. Opera is also available for Mac, Android, Windows and iOS, so you won’t have problems installing it, whether you’re using a computer, laptop or mobile phone.

Opera Mini has a clean user interface

We all know how complex browsers could get, but Opera Mini keeps things light and fresh with its easy-to-use interface.

Although it doesn’t have as many tools as other browsers, its relatively clean and intuitive interface makes it easy to use. It even has a night mode feature that allows for a more comfortable browsing experience in darker light.

Opera Mini is customizable

Opera Mini is all about creating a more personal experience for its users. This is why you’ll have all the options to make your browser as fitting to your lifestyle as possible. For instance, you can either use Opera Mini, Opera Turbo or Off Mode if you have the browser for your iPhone.

You can also customize Opera Mini to display images in lower resolution so you can save on data. And if you have a bad connection, you can forego the images altogether and just view the text so you can keep your browser running.

Opera Mini also allows you to fully customize your browser according to your preferred language and setup for your homepage. You also have easy access to categorized newsfeed with content that’s personalized depending on where you’re from.

The bottomline

There may be some questions about Opera Mini’s security capabilities, but we also need to remember that other browsers have to work on the same features too. In technology where everything is always advancing, browsers also need to adapt to new changes to keep themselves relevant in the market.

Opera Mini still remains to be a reliable browser with features that are competitive against more popular counterparts. It all boils down to what you want in a browser and what Opera Mini can offer to satisfy that need.

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