Zedge gives you a wide range of options to optimize your ringtones, wallpapers, icons, and games. According to its official website, Zedge has 35 million users since its launch date for Android, IOS, and Windows operated smartphone devices.

After being flagged as harmful, the Google Play store removed Zedge for a while. This year, 2020, the app resurfaced on Google Play store to provide users the best wallpapers, cool ringtones, alarms, notifications, stickers, and video wallpapers.

But with the past controversy involving Zedge, many users are hesitant to use the free features provided by the app.  If you are fond of updating your background, themes, and sounds and notifications, then Zedge is the app for you. (mombrite.com)

With so many comments coming from the users that downloading the app might harm your device, some are still are hesitant to use the app.

Is it OK to use Zedge 2020?

Zedge was removed from Google Play Store due to malware detection, but no other reasons were stated or shared. The developers of the app were quick to address that it was removed due to a bug but there were no issues or signs of harming the device.

Even before the bug was detected, there was no appearance of negatively affecting your mobile device. Besides, if malware is detected, this could have been stated by Zedge developers knowing it can be hazardous to your device.

In addition, after being suddenly removed by Google Play Store, the application is now available again for download. Maybe, there is nothing wrong with Zedge apart from the bug in the system.

Now, if you are thinking of downloading and using the app, it is always recommended to download it from Google Play Store or Apps Store for your IOS device. Sourcing it from legit avenues ensures that the app will be taken down immediately if there are still bugs and issues that need fixing.

Is Zedge safe 2020? The question remained unanswered. If it is concerning the bug, this might have been addressed by the developers considering that the app is now back in the play store.

But if it is the other way around, only the recent users can have this answered.

The takeaway

If you really want to use Zedge to experience these great features, do not download the app from 3rd party sites or you will expose your phone to a greater risk of virus infection that may harm your device.

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