Videoder is an application that can be installed on your mobile device or computer that allows you to download movies, videos, and audio files from online sharing sites and social media platforms.

According to the app’s developer and owner, Videoder has 40 million users, but the app cannot be downloaded directly from Google Play Store for Android users.

Although Videoder has already millions of users, some are skeptical to use the app for safety reasons. Apart from the app not available through a legit apps store, it could be that the app contains viruses or malware that can damage your mobile device or computer.

Data and Privacy Concerns

Videoder collects from their mobile app users, PC users, and website visitors are used to provide better and improved services to all their users.

Information like IP address, timezone, Operating System version, device language, among others help Videoder figure out the language the user speaks, the ads that might be useful for certain users, and other recommendations that will improve user experience.

Videoder is safe in the sense that the data collected are protected. It is to use because their data and privacy collection is legally compliant with data laws. Videoder and its management do not share users’ personal information with third parties or any organization outside of Videoder. Encryption is used to keep your private information secure.

How safe is Videoder?

Most Videoder users said they have been using the app for years to download videos and audio files from YouTube and other Internet sharing websites. These users commented that Videoder works almost with no issues and even recommends the app to other Internet users.

However, Videoder users from an online forum posted about malware detected in the app. Issues discussed include the browser randomly opening pop up ad pages. By running anti-virus software on his device, the malware was detected to be from Videoder. This comment has been supported by other users who ended up uninstalling the app.

Although there are a variety of downloader apps available online, Videoder remains one of the popular choices due to ease and free of use, supports a thousand websites for video and audio download, and clean interface.

Foremost, you do not have to pay for a monthly subscription to enjoy streaming and downloading your favorite TV shows, series, music videos, and preferred digital files.

Then, Videoder does not require advancedtechnical skills to download, install, and navigate the app. You do not have to go through the complicated procedure just to get the job done. Lastly, the function buttons are made easy to find for the convenience of its users.


At the end of the day, the decision to use Videoder lies in you. With all its amazing features, it may be hard to find an app that has the same features as Videoder, so the choice is up to you.

Just to be sure, always have an anti-virus installed on your smartphone or computer to avoid viruses or malware to avoid damaging your device.

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