One Punch Man, Death Note and One Piece—these are just some of the most famous animes in the world. And when it comes to watching them for free, GoGoAnime has always been a favorite among huge anime fans.

Free anime shows

For many years, GoGoAnime has given anime fans around the world the opportunity to enjoy their favorite animated shows for free. This has been extremely beneficial, especially for countries that don’t have any specific channels for anime shows.

Aside from being able to stream online for free, GoGoAnime also allows you to download your favorite shows so you can still enjoy them offline, which is an added bonus if you’re travelling.  

Unlike other online streaming platforms, GoGoAnime takes pride in offering very high quality content, a clean interface and fast speeds.

Videos are also either dubbed in English or have English subtitles. But over time, other efficient streaming platforms have also surfaced online, one of which is 4Anime. But is it the new GoGoAnime?

Benefits of using 4Anime

4Anime has basically the same foundations as GoGoAnime. This online streaming platform offers a wide range of anime shows that are dubbed or subbed in English and in HD format. Some of the benefits of using 4Anime include:

  • Free of charge. You don’t need to pay for any subscription or registration fee to enjoy your favorite anime shows on 4Anime.
  • Fast and efficient. A lot of anime fans say that 4Anime is the fastest online streaming platform on the Internet today. This means that you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing depending of course on your Internet connection. You’ll also love that the platform doesn’t have any annoying ads that keep popping up while you’re watching shows.
  • Convenience. This is one of the biggest reasons fans love to use 4Anime. The platform gives you the option to continue the last episode you watched and auto play to the next episode. Of course, you can easily download episodes that you want to watch so you can enjoy them everywhere you go.

So, does 4Anime replace GoGoAnime? The answer is, it depends on your preference. GoGoAnime has been around for a longer time that most fans have already come to love it.

It has also been proven safe to use, although it is still not recognized as a legal source of anime shows due to proprietary reasons. This platform also updates its content every day, so you can guarantee that fresh episodes constantly come in for you to enjoy.

4Anime features

On the other hand, 4Anime may have a more updated foundation because it’s newer on the market. Aside from its easy interface, you can also enjoy the convenience of being able to watch anime shows in HD quality and on different devices.


So if you’re looking for a safe and reliable platform for your favorite anime shows, both 4Anime and GoGoAnime can definitely offer you an amazing experience. It all boils down to what would fit your preferences in streaming and downloading better.

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