Anime has been a part of many people’s lives for many years now. In fact, it has been a unifying element for many fans, no matter what the age, race, cultural background or socioeconomic status.

Anime has been very appealing because of its artistic allure, captivating storyline and of course, unforgettable characters. This is why any anime fan wouldn’t want to miss a single episode.

Now if you’re one of the millions of anime fans who live in a country that doesn’t have specific channels for anime shows, you will usually turn to online streaming platforms where you can enjoy your favorite anime shows for free, two of them are AnimeFlex and AnimeDao. Let’s take a closer look:


AnimeFlix is a popular app that allows you to watch your favorite anime shows or listen to your favorite anime music without the need to pay for a monthly subscription. You can even find some of the best manga movies in the world and some amazing anime wallpapers through this app.

AnimeFlix has an impressive library of shows including Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Bealch, Death Note, Pokemon, One Piece, Bokura Ga Ita, Helsing and Shojo. Some fans even say that this app has the largest collection of anime shows and movies from Japan that are all dubbed or subbed in English.

The only downside to using AnimeFlix is that it doesn’t allow you to download its content. So if you really want to download your favorite episodes, you might need to use a video downloader or a separate app to do that.


If you prefer to watch your favorite anime shows through a website, AnimeDao is one of your best options. This website has always been popular because of the quality of its videos, its fast loading speeds, the reliability of its system and of course, the convenience of using its interface.

But what anime lovers really like about AnimeDao is that it only consumes a low bandwidth to help ensure a more seamless viewing experience.

The quality of videos also range from 340p to 1080p so you have the option to choose a video that you want based on the strength of your Internet connection. You can also guarantee that all of AnimeDao’s videos are either dubbed or subbed in English so you can understand what you’re watching.

The other benefits of using AnimeDao is that it lets you choose between light and dark themes, it has a simple interface and you have the option to bookmark videos.

But like AnimeFlix, AnimeDao also doesn’t allow you to download videos and of course, you have to deal with some advertisements while watching your favorite shows.

The verdict

The choice on whether you should go for AnimeFlix or AnimeDao will depend on what your preferences are. If you’re mostly on the go, AnimeFlix is a more convenient option because it’s an app that you can download on your phone.

But if you’re just watching anime shows at home, AnimeDao is the better way to go.  

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