There are a number of ways to earn Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox. In fact, you can earn them through the following.

  • Purchase Robux from the Internet browser, mobile phone, or Xbox One apps
  • Earn a Robux stipend from accounts with a membership. That if a user is registered with a premium membership.
  • Users can sell game passes in exchange for Robux
  • Accounts with a membership will be able to sell pants, place access, and shirts, and be able to get a percentage of the profit

Basically, Roblox users are made aware that there is no such thing as a Robux generator to earn free Robux. So if a game, person, or website will try to tell you there is one that exists, then it should be a scam.

Free Robux are non-existent because you can only purchase them for real world currency and they are sold only by the Roblox company.

Where Can You Check Your Robux?

  • From the mobile app, you can check your balance by first logging into the account where you bought the Robux. At the top of the app, tap the Robux icon and the balance will be displayed on top.
  • Your Internet browser can also display your balance. Just look at the upper right corner of the browser window and check your Robux balance.
  • You may also check your Robux balance from the Xbox One app. Simply click on the Right Bumper from the Home screen until you reach the Robux screen.

Is There An App Or Website Offering Free Robux?

There were rumors about the existence of free Robux and where to get them. But users of Roblox are being warned about several scams related to this topic. Allegedly, you will be asked to fill out some survey questions to earn free Robux.

Some users are able to get some, but the said surveys do not work all the time. However, the questions from the surveys might require users to provide vital information to be traded for a currency.

Free Robux Is A Scam

Since you are trading information for Robux, you should be careful because scammers are everywhere leaving you vulnerable to malware. At some point, people are lured into the scheme by putting user names of popular personalities. They would look like a standard Roblox game.

App developers luring you in to get free Robux would trick you by adding errors after you input your personal information. Unsuspecting victims will think it is just an error but they are actually robbing you of your Robux and several items you already purchased.

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