It has been a while since a buzz about VidMate has circulated on the Web. It can be recalled that over 500 million people have installed the app for Android to enable them to download videos from WhatsApp, YouTube, and other related platforms.

The problem with VidMate APK is that it is having issues with its users. Such may include but not limited to displaying hidden ads, draining mobile data, and secretly subscribing people to some paid services.

Moreover, there were a range of suspicious behavior from VidMate causing its users to lose money, drain mobile phone batteries, and exposure of personal information.

Fraudulent Behavior

Once users download VidMate APK, they are required to surrender control of their mobile device and personal information to a third party. In this case, the mobile device and its connection will become part of a botnet which becomes a tool to commit advertising fraud.

The app allegedly engages in fraudulent behavior in which it displays the ads that the users themselves can’t see.

Allegations Denied By VidMate Spokesperson

However, the allegations were all denied by VidMate spokesperson that it has engaged in suspicious activities.

In a similar manner, a lot of other websites have argued that VidMate APK is safe to use despite the issues stated earlier. One website stressed out that there are doubts about the integrity of VidMate APK because it can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The reason behind this is that the app has violated the policy of Google for downloading of videos from YouTube and WhatsApp.

VidMate APK New Features

Supporters believe that VidMate APK is safe to use because there are no malware or viruses. In fact, there is a new version of VidMate for Android out for download.  

Users can now download video from a particular website and extract the MP3 version of the video as well. All that by just copy pasting the video URL of the source. Moreover, VidMate APK supports over 20 websites where you can download videos.

  • Download up to 1920 x 1280 pixel videos
  • No network issues
  • Pauses automatically when your data stops while downloading videos and resumes when data is reconnected
  • Downloaded videos will be saved in a separate folder that you can customize by name
  • Be able to share downloaded videos with anyone

If you think that VidMate APK is safe to use, then it is up to you to put your mobile device at risk. With opposing arguments about the integrity of VidMate APK, perhaps it is up to the user to decide if the app can be trusted or not.

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