Over the years, many sites have popped up that offer free Robux, the virtual currency that Roblox players use. This article will go into detail about how Robux can be earned on this gaming platform and how you can avoid getting scammed.

But wait…maybe you have no idea about what Roblox is at all. So here’s a bit of a background on it.

Roblox, is it?

Roblox was created by Stanford alum David Baszucki. The unlikely lovechild of Minecraft and Lego, it has been popular with the 12-and-over gamers since it was launched in 2007.

Essentially, it’s an online platform that allows players to play hundreds of games or create their own. And in true online game fashion, Roblox also encourages making friends within the platform, building universes, going on quests, and purchasing items with real-world money.

One unique thing about Roblox is the way members earn Robux, the virtual currency they use to purchase all sorts of items on the platform.

Raising Robux

According to the Roblox website, there are a number of ways that you can stockpile Robux on your member account.

Here are four that are listed on the site.

  1. Purchase Robux using real money on the mobile, browser, and Xbox One apps
  2. Accounts with membership are eligible to rreceive a Robux stipend
  3. Accounts with membership can also sell shirts, pants and place access and get a percentage of the profit 
  4. Any user can sell game passes for Robux. Accounts without a membership will get a smaller percentage of the profit than a membership

Another legitimate way of getting more Robux is by doing a trade.

The Trading System

On Roblox, you’ll find a feature called The Trading System. As the name implies, it’s where users can go to exchange Limited and Limited U items as well as Robux.

To enable this feature, users need to go into the Privacy tab of their Accounts Settings page. Once enabled, you can then create, accept, decline, or counter a trade. You’ll also get to view information about your past and current trades.

You mentioned scams…

Yes. There are websites out there that claim to have free Robux or valuable items. These are scam plots meant to trick people into handing over their Roblox password or personal information. This is done usually with the intention of taking over the account and stealing all your Robux and items.

Some of these scammers may contact you directly. Should this happen, click on the Report Abuse link or button. This should be visible around the apps and on every game menu.

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