Many people still want to take the risk of getting banned temporarily for using modded WhatsApp applications on the mobile device. But perhaps you deserve the right to know which one is better than GBWhatsApp if you think it is still not the best.


You can say that YOWhatsApp has the same options as GBWhatsApp. Moreover, you can hardly find any differences between the two. In fact, there are a few common things that they share.

  • 2 simulation accounts in the same application. Both of the apps allow you to use 2 accounts with 2 different phone numbers together without switching SIM cards. Just make sure that both SIM numbers are fully operative.
  • Privacy. Both apps also have the capability to hide the online status and ability to freeze the last connection time or remove the double-blue check being some of the popular options of users.
  • Sending files and documents. Both apps also allow you to send files that are larger than usual and in all formats. Moreover, it can offer to share contacts or locations a lot easier than the original app.

The only thing that you can consider different on both apps is the customization option. For example, the catalogs for applying a skin are very different from one another. This also goes to the option for modifying colors, fonts, and icons.


There are just a few details that you could count as unnoticeable when you talk about the differences between GBWhatsApp and FMWhatsApp.

  • Interface – FMWhatsApp has an advantage in terms of interface just because of some minor details. Such would include the flight mode icon and the design of the options for Mod’s menu, which are not visible in GBWhatsApp.

The security settings has also been a notable difference. GBWhatsApp has options with its own settings menu. However, FMWhatsApp’s settings are integrated into its Privacy options.

FMWhatsApp also has an extra color customization, more font types, and the ability to hide the multimedia contacts of the gallery, which are not found in GBWhatsApp.

  • Functions – GBWhatsApp does not implement a flight mode yet unlike FMWhatsApp’s.
  • Multimedia Files – The advantage that GBWhatsApp has in terms of video sizes you can send is that you can modify the limit, which FMWhatsApp is not able to do.

Overall, only a few differences can be noticed when you compare GBWhatsApp with other apps. In fact, you can argue that it is better than its competitors. However, FMWhatsApp allows you to hide the multimedia contents in the gallery, which is able to avoid any kind of error when you attach files. Perhaps the advantage can be decided from the end-user’s perspective.

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