With millions of avid fans, Minecraft is undeniably one of the most popular games in the world. To keep up with such a huge fan base, Mojang studios also updates the game regularly where it fixes bugs from previous versions and introduces add-ons that allow players to enjoy the game more.

Here, we take a look at the latest Minecraft APK full version and how you can sign in after downloading it:

What’s the difference between Minecraft for PC and Pocket Edition?

If you’re new to Minecraft, you’ll probably be confused between Minecraft for PC and Pocket Edition. In fact, Minecraft has other variants including Console Editions and Microsoft: Switch Edition.

According to a livestream by Mojang Studios a few years ago, the main difference between Minecraft for PC and Pocket Edition is that the full version is focused more on multiplayer features since there are no restrictions or limitations on the PC while the pocket version is focused more on single player features, which is ideal for mobile phones.

What is the latest Minecraft APK full version?

Mojang Studios just released version 1.14.3, which addresses some of the bugs found in 1.14.2 and adds some interesting gameplay features. Some of the changes made for this update include:

  • Torches, lanterns and pressure plates can already be placed on iron bars and glass panes
  • The enchanting system is reverted back to how it was before 1.14
  • You can now use ‘/gamerule disableRaids true’ to turn off raids
  • You can now repair items by crafting them together again
  • Lanterns can be attached below glass panes and iron bars
  • Saturation isn’t required for “How did we get here?” advancement

Some bugs fixed in this update include:

  • MC-74407: Rcon is not thread-safe
  • MC-47699: Blazes are able to see a player through blocks
  • MC-74407: Villager inventories can get into a state where villagers cannot do anything useful
  • MC-93892: Fire/Flame arrows and fireballs set player on fire even when blocking with shield
  • MC-124170: Performance issue with particles causing lag
  • MC-123836: Double blocks aren’t loaded in structures

After downloading the latest Minecraft APK full version, all you need to do is sign back in your account and you’re good to go. And if you’re having issues with the newest update, you can always revert back to the older version. Mojang Studios also announced that it is planning on releasing 1.14.4 soon to address more issues and add more features.

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