Are you interested in the idea that you can download Pokemon Go on PC? Well, most people are tired of walking around just to play the game. Good news for avid Pokemon fans because you can stay at the comfort of your own home in front of your PC.

Revolution in Modern Videogames

If you are not so familiar with Pokemon Go, perhaps a little refresher can help you understand how this new update is revolutionary. Basically, Pokemon Go was considered the greatest revolution in modern video gaming.

What Made Pokemon Go a Hit

However, after more than a couple of years, its former players are slowly coming back. Thanks to the new game options and elements incorporated in the good old videogame.

Among the things that you have missed on the past are the ability to swap Pokemons between trainers or become friends with other players, aside from getting hold of rare and legendary Pokemons during special events.

What Are The Challenges

Playing Pokemon might not be a good idea after all for most players. That is because the main element of the game is to be able to play using your legs to walk around your locality just to catch these cute little monsters.

Well, that is how the game goes because it offers an augmented reality type of adventure. The problem is that players usually become lazy particularly during extreme weather conditions.

Downloading Pokemon Go And Play On PC

Perhaps playing any Android game on Windows PC is no longer novel for the modern gamers out there. However, that is how you can enjoy the beauty of Pokemon Go without getting out of your house.

All you need to do is to download an emulator for Windows PC such as BlueStacks, among other popular applications to run APK files on your computer. Thus, it enables users to play comfortably at home.

Basic Features

  • Search, collect, and catch Pokemons
  • Be able to train some Pokemons at the gym
  • Acquire experience and increase your level in order to become stronger
  • Fight other trainers’ Pokemons at the gym
  • Get hold of some rare and legendary Pokemons by taking part in the incursions
  • Be able to acquire some objects required to play the game, such as berries, pokeballs, and potions
  • Allow your Pokemons to evolve so that you can complete your Pokedex, while collecting candies

But take note that the use of an emulator can be tagged by game developer Niantic as a form of cheating. So it is possible to get temporarily or permanently banned when you do this option. Nonetheless, you can catch nearby Pokemons and visit the nearest pokestop or gym.

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