The popular grandfather-grandson duo of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith has created a cult-like following over the last six years. Rick and Morty has millions of followers around the world and those who don’t have time to catch up with the show on Adult Swim and E4 can now enjoy the show on Netflix, or at least its first three seasons.

Season 4 already started last November 10 after two long years of waiting and fans are eager to learn if these new episodes are coming to Netflix any time soon.

But that could be a long wait since the show already made deals with both Adult Swim and Channel 4 for exclusive rights to Rick and Morty on their channels.

In the United Kingdom, Channel 4 will air the fourth season of Rick and Morty exclusively under a new deal with the show’s creators.

Although viewers don’t need a subscription to watch the show on Channel 4, they would be required a TV license to enjoy the content live. Channel 4 has confirmed that Rick and Morty will premiere on their platform on November 20.

On the other hand, Adult Swim where the first season of the show was broadcasted still retains its rights to Rick and Morty’s fourth season. The first five episodes of the show has already been aired on the channel and the other half is expected to air any time this month due to some delays.

Fans have predicted this, especially when Adult Swim released the official trailer for season 4 with a caption: “half of the season you deserve, all the season we can handle.” This has left fans baffled as to why the show will only have five episodes.

The show’s creators Dan Harmon and Justin Rolland, however, confirmed that season 4 will have the same 10 episodes that previous seasons had. Unfortunately, it will be split in two, thus explaining why episode 6 isn’t out yet.

The popular science fiction sitcom has also been signed for 70 more episodes beginning with season 4. So fans have a lot to look forward to when it comes to enjoying the show that had everyone hooked.

For Netflix, there has been no official statement as to whether season 4 will be released on the platform or not. So while fans wait, they can still enjoy the first three seasons of the show on Netflix.

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