Last year, there were reports regarding the app called Zedge being flagged as harmful. The developers were able to spot the bug in which the Google Play Store have made it unavailable for a short while.

Removed From The Play Store

As a matter of fact, the Play Store has removed the app even if it was legitimate for Android, iOS, and Windows smart mobile devices. But many users were confused as to what really was the reason behind the removal of Zedge.

It was stated in the news that the exact reason behind the removal of Zedge was unclear. However, the developers were working on it to fix the bug.

Malware Found

The developers were not able to identify the bug as harmful or due to a malware found in the app. The most probable reason behind the removal of Zedge from the Play Store was obviously the update in its security filters. In order to be sure in the safety of any application speak aboutdangers of the internet for kids with all your family members.

This has even led to the removal of other popular apps that were flagged by the Play Store. However, nobody has confirmed yet about all these speculations.

Smartphone Customization

Basically, Zedge is a personalization app for smart mobile devices, allowing the user to apply some customizations to his or her smartphone. The app provides a wide array of custom app icons, games, ringtones, and wallpapers.

Zedge was quite popular according to a statement released in its official website with 35 million users. In fact, the application has been around for quite some time now and many can attest to its reliability.

So if there was ever a reported case of malware in the app itself, then it was not intended by the developers. Users were still unaware though about the real reason for its removal back in 2019.

Back On The Play Store

In 2020, Zedge has resurfaced on the Google Play Store to provide the best wallpapers and ringtones for free. This app enables you to personalize your phone with funny ringtones and stunning HD wallpapers with ease.

It offers a plethora of features, such as alarm and notification sounds, favorite and save, permission notice, ringtones, stickers, video wallpapers, and plain wallpapers.

If you are fond of searching for cool wallpapers and a variety of ringtones for your smartphone, then Zedge is a better option for you. The app is still being updated to make it a better experience for the users.

Requires Fixing

As of the moment, there are lots of comments from different users regarding some bugs that need to be fixed. Perhaps this is one of the things that the developers need to focus to maintain the integrity of the app.

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