Although critics may beg to disagree, Minecraft is still dominating the online gaming world for more than 10 years now. In fact, it already has 112 million active monthly players and that number continues to grow each day.

But with its popularity, Minecraft still remains a paid game in all the platforms where it’s available. So those who want to experience Minecraft has to purchase either a physical copy from a store, make a digital purchase or get the game as part of the Game Pass subscription service offered by Microsoft.

But in recent months, a lot of Minecraft APK downloads have been surfacing online gaining a lot of traction from fans who are desperate to play the game without spending for a monthly subscription. The question is; are they really free and legal?

In general, downloading any apps, software or program on your mobile device has its set of risks. This is especially true for games where a lot of viruses and malware could be hidden.

Most people who downloaded the Minecraft APK, however, haven’t reported any problems with their mobile devices after installing the game. The trick here is to find a reliable source to download and install Minecraft.

When it comes to the legality of the APK download, it’s both a yes and no depending on what your source is. For instance, if your APK came from an illegal or pirated APK source, then that download would instantly be deemed illegal.

But if you trust only a reliable source for your APK file, then you wouldn’t have to worry about legal implications for downloading the Minecraft APK.

Downloading the Minecraft APK is actually easy. For starters, make sure that your mobile device meets all the requirements for downloading the game. Your phone should be running on Android 4+ and it needs at least 90.47MB of free storage space for the game to be successfully installed.

You should also look for the best source of the APK file to avoid any problems later on. Just install the file on your device, follow the prompts, allow unknown sources in your phone and launch the game to see if it’s working.

The bottomline

Minecraft continues to be one of the best games in the world today, so it’s really no surprise that illegal APKs aimed at stealing information are sprouting like mushrooms online. The trick here is to practice caution in everything and you’ll do just fine.

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