Are you fond of playing video games through an emulator? Did you know that games you have grown to enjoy from handheld game consoles like Nintendo 3DS can now be played on the emulator called Citra?

Well, you heard it right because it is the first emulator for Nintendo 3DS games developed by the Citra Team.

Development Of Citra

The Citra emulator was developed in C++ programming language and can run almost all home videogames and commercial games. Basically, it runs on Linux, MacOS, and Windows operating systems. It is also an open-source app and can be downloaded for free.

In 2014, the development of Citra was initiated. It was ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D’ being the first commercial Nintendo 3DS game that Citra was able to run. Also included were ‘Sonic Generations’ and ‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’.

Since December 2015, Citra was able to boot games such as Pokemon and continued develop, including the significant change to its official website. Moreover, it was able to emulate sound since May 21, 2016 and since September 15, 2016, it has had a JIT compiler.

Networking Support

As a milestone in emulator development, Citra can now fully play ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. Moreover, the company has announced networking support to Citra since November 2017. This enabled the support to the local Wi-Fi of the Nintendo 3DS, making it possible to play locally.

New Emulator For Switch

Nevertheless, the Citra Team is looking forward to take a step further by making it possible to play with other users anywhere. On top of that, the team is creating yuzu, the first emulator intended for Nintendo Switch.

Yuzu is also an open-source emulator for the Nintendo Switch that is written in C++. However, this emulator is just intended for research purposes and homebrew development for now.

Download For Windows x64 Systems

Take note that Citra does not support iOS or Android OS, but only desktop x64 systems as of the moment. Simply go to their site to be able to download Citra for Windows OS users. Moreover, the Citra updater will provide an easy interface to install, manage, and update the app.

Download Citra For Mac

Citra can also be installed on a Mac just as you would on a Windows OS. The minimum system requirements for those who want to install the emulator is at least 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. But videogames are not the same, so system specifications might vary depending on each requirement.

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