YouTube is undeniably the most popular video sharing platform in the world, but it’s also one of the strictest with its content. Although you can watch almost all of YouTube’s content for free, the platform doesn’t permit downloads, which could be a hassle if you want to watch your favorite videos again but you don’t want to eat up your data allocation or worse, you have no Internet connection.

The good news is; you can already download those videos and music from YouTube and other video platforms to your mobile device for easy access. Just use the TubeMate YouTube downloader APK.

What is TubeMate?

TubeMate is essentially an app that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other video streaming platforms for free. Some of its best features include:

  • Downloading videos in 3GP and MP4 formats
  • Extracting audio in AAC and MP3 formats
  • Easy to use interface with built-in search engine and video suggestions based on your activity
  • A wide range of video resolutions available and an integrated multimedia player for easy viewing of downloaded video files
  • Simultaneous and full control of downloads
  • TV sync

How can you download TubeMate?

Downloading the TubeMate App is relatively the same as any other app. You just need t find the right APK file and install it on your Android device. Once

How can you sync TubeMate to your TV?

Aside from allowing you to download just about any video you like, TubeMate also lets you enjoy streaming your favorite videos on your home TV so you have a bigger screen and more people to join the fun. To connect the app to your TV, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and choose Connect to a TV.
  • Search for the YouTube app on your TV, Xbox or PlayStation.
  • Search for the option to “configure device.”
  • Type the synchronization code as indicated on your device and the name of the TV on the TubeMate app.

The great thing about TubeMate is that it’s essentially the clone of YouTube, so you can log in, browse and enjoy videos just as you would the YouTube app. The only read difference is that you can download your favorite videos with TubeMate and enjoy them even if you don’t have any Internet connection.

Like any other app online, it’s best to be careful when downloading the TubeMate app. If you notice any red flags during the download process, cancel it and find another reliable link instead to avoid issues later on.

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