When it comes to downloading apps for mobile phones, the Google Play Store has been the go-to marketplace for millions of users for its wide array of apps in different categories.

However, the Google Play Store is strict with the apps it allows under its repertoire and a lot of its premium apps have to be downloaded for a monthly subscription before you can utilize its full features.

If you’re looking to download premium apps and cracked games for free, there have been two alternative marketplaces online, Blackmart Alpha and ACMarket. Let’s compare the two to see which one is the better choice:

Blackmart Alpha

One of the most popular alternatives to the Google Play Store is Blackmart Alpha that boasts of a wide range of apps and games to Android phone users.

It also allows free downloads of premium apps and cracked games, and it has leaner rules when it comes to particular mobile phone models, locations and free trials.

Blackmart Alpha could easily be downloaded on the computer and the apk file transferred to the SD card of your device where it can be installed. It’s also easy to use and the options are more diverse than the Google Play Store.

The downside, however, is that this app is not considered to be as safe because there are still risks for malware or virus to be transferred to your phone from certain apps.

ACMarket APK

ACmarket APK is essentially another alternative to the Google Play Store, but it offers more of cracked content like apps and games that can be downloaded for free.

It even allows free downloads of premium apps that you otherwise need to pay for in the Google Play Store. ACMarket is especially popular for its clean and user-friendly design and you can easily install it on your mobile device.

Just like Blackmarket Alpha, however, there are also no guarantees to the safety of using ACMarket APK because some apps, patches or mods may still contain viruses or malware that could affect your mobile device or even steal your personal information.

The Bottomline

Which app is better, you ask? It really boils down to preference. Both of these apps are excellent alternatives to the Google Play Store if you’re looking for an avenue to gain access to your favorite apps and games without paying for anything.

But you also need to consider the risks and be extra careful when downloading anything on your phone.  

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