TubeMate is one of the best apps to download video content from an array of multimedia site such as YouTube. And, even though it’s got a host of features that make it worthwhile, these three key points make it stand out above all the rest.

Download Multiple Files At Once

It can be tedious downloading one file after another. However, downloading multiple files at one time is a dream come true. TubeMate lets you do just that. With multiple files downloading, you save yourself a plethora of time and aggravation.

You also don’t know when you’ll spend more time in one place, which is why having multiple videos in the queue to watch is better than one or two. Many people are spending more of their time in their cars because of the commute to work. However, the wait time can be far more enjoyable with videos to watch.

Remember, trying to watch them online means taking up data that you may or may not have. And, it’s possible that data may need to be used for something far more important in the future. By downloading the videos to your tablet or smartphone on a Wi-Fi connection, you save your data and can still watch the videos you want.

Organize Your Files

Thankfully, you can organize your files into themed playlists after you download them. This lets you watch by theme rather than random files while you wait on laundry, stuck in traffic, etc.

Convert Your Files Into A Preferred Format

In times’ past, you can download audio of a YouTube video. This was useful for people who wanted music only. However, it meant using a computer too. The file had to be downloaded to the computer then transferred via a cable and software program to the device. However, TubeMate is a program that lets you do everything on the phone.

If you like a video but want the audio only, you can download the APK file and install it to your phone. Once the app is up and running, locate the video and download it. Once the file has been downloaded, you can hit the download menu and bring up menu options, saving it as either an MP3 or converting it to an MP3. The first one will extract and save the audio as the MP3 while the second one needs an MP3 Media Converter.

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