It was just a few years ago when Microsoft made a remark that Windows 10 will be their final iconic OS.

There was even a confirmation that instead of developing a new and different version of the OS for desktop every now and then, they would try to mimic what Apple has done with their OS X.

Evolving To The Next Windows

Windows 11

So as Microsoft was about to deliver regular improvements to its Windows operating system, recent comments from users changed all that.

As a matter of fact, it was in October 2018 that rumors about users voicing their concerns about the software updates. That said, issues arose even after the updates were pulled out and released thereafter.

Inevitably so, the next generation of Windows has become in demand all of a sudden. Of course, the wish list goes on, which include some popular features.

Such would include some curved designs, reimagined Start menu, smart animations, and some other concepts that users would want to have.

Windows 11 Design Concept

There was a vlogger named Kamer Kaan Avdan who released a conceptual design of the next Windows OS through his YouTube channel.

His reputation at releasing concepts of upcoming Windows versions is well documented, including those of Windows 95, XP, and 7, as well as other exciting stuff.

Part of his conceptualized version of Windows 11 includes the redesigned Search UI, new dark mode, and some adaptive cursors being tagged along.

Tiles can also be pinned to the desktop, which makes it a great addition to the OS. A new stylish Windows XP theme was also added to the new Windows 11 concept.

Release Date

In 2018, there were rumors that Microsoft was about to release Windows 11. There was even a screenshot image of the features to the upcoming OS. But that never came close as it remained part of the speculations.

On the basis of the release date of Windows 10 in July 2015, the next version was supposedly in 2018. If you can recall, Windows 8 was released in August 2012, so it only took 3 years before the next version came out.

Therefore, you can only notice that Windows 11 is already past its supposed release date.

The good though is that Microsoft has been rumored to release the most anticipated Windows OS in the fourth quarter of 2019. However, that still needs to be confirmed by Microsoft, now that people would want the next update so badly.

Latest Update To Windows 10

There is a recent update to Windows 10 that might justify the delay of your much awaited version. The May 2019 update also has some new features of its own, namely the new Light theme, Sandbox feature, kaomoji, and a quicker access to symbols.

You may be able to download a copy of the May 2019 update by downloading the Update Assistant from the Microsoft website. Then you have to launch it after downloading. You will be able to start the update process by clicking the ‘Update Now’ button.

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