Are you looking forward to get the latest patch for the multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends? If so, then you can read a few details about the Patch 9.12 update.

What’s New With Patch 9.12?

The first thing that may concern you is the return of Mordekaiser in which fans have been crazed about its intended rework. Patch 9.12 also has the reworked Ryze which has been the subject of discussion in online forums.

  • Mordekaiser – The biggest change was the rework on Mordekaiser as it has finally arrived in this patch. He has a new kit that entirely modified his theme, which turned him into a more vengeful spirit. This is the new update to the heavy metal mage that he once was.

Although there are a few similarities noted, the new Mordekaiser now drags someone down to the spirit realm and face off rather than bring someone back to life to fight for him.

When he wins the match, he will be able to keep half the stats of his enemies until the player respawns.

  • Ryze – Another character that received some rework is the one called Ryze. But this has not undergone heavy reworking unlike that of Mordekaiser. You may notice that the root on his W and the shield home from the passive on his ultimate. This will level up when he upgrades the ability. Additionally, the root will now only take effect on targets that the character will use W.
  • Dark Star – The new skin brings back the Dark Star line, giving one to Shaco for a new skin to use after not having changed for more than 4 years.


After leaving the afterworld, the unstoppable force is back and it is ready to conquer the world with this new patch.


The ranks for Q spell have been decreased and the damage bonus will now be dependent on R. Moreover, W now slows, while Spell Flux bonus converts from slow to root.


Two charges will now be stored up with passive, while base damage has been increased. AoE damage has become less effective against minions.

Moreover, its Q detonation damage and AoE range has decreased on the minions. While the W heal has been increased, E shield has been adjusted and the cooldown has increased.


Its base health has been increased with the latest patch. Moreover, its passive mana refund decreases early, while decreasing shield.

On the other hand, there has been an adjustment made to the W shared adaptive force. Likewise, the dash has now been made interruptible by all CC.

Some other characters were also updated in this current patch. Here is a list of basic changes done to League of Legends characters.

  • Aatrox – The level of the character has now become the basis for the passive cooldown. However, the R healing bonus will now apply to self-healing.
  • Ashe – W cooldown decreased
  • Caitlin – Increased base attack damage
  • Irelia – The E cooldown has been increased, but its range has been decreased
  • Karma – Its Q slow has increased, while the E cost decreased. However, the movement speed duration has increased to match the shield duration.
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