Don’t you just hate it when you can’t download apps and games because you’re using Android and the game you want is only available on the Apple App Store and vice versa? You could always download and APK file, but some sources may come with malware and installation will take time.

With the TutuApp, you can enjoy the best of both worlds, so to speak. This means more fun for you.

What is TutuApp?

This is an app store like the Google Play Store or Apple Store but can be installed on both Android and iOS operating systems. Here, you can download apps and games designed for either iOS or Android without the need to sideload.

Without OS-compatibility restrictions, you can play all sorts of games and apps, regardless of the operating system.

What’s even better is that TutuApp:

  • Doesn’t have annoying ads
  • Doesn’t require a credit card to download some games
  • Games are all free to download
  • 100% genuine apps and games

What is TutuApp VIP?

This is another version of TutuApp that fixes some restrictions of the original app.


When playing a game from TutuApp, no ads will pop up to disrupt your game. However, if you’re only browsing the app store, you will encounter ads. These are non-existent on the VIP version.

Premium user treatment

If there are app updates on the way, TutuApp VIP users will get them first than other users. This means whatever bugs you get will be fixed sooner than later.

Better support

This is not to say that users of the original version don’t get support. But the VIP users have more access to developer support. If there are errors on a particular app, you can have them fixed by developers. You can also send queries to them.

Exclusive offers

As VIP users, you’ll have access to exclusive games and apps. While the subscription price is $12.99 for a year, you can enjoy a 10 % discount on the renewal fee if you renew two months before your subscription expires. You also have the priority to play new games.

TutuApp VIP for iOS

For most iPhone users, they need to jailbreak their mobile phones to access games from the Play Store. With TutuApp VIP touted as an alternative to Cydia, you won’t need to have your iPhone jailbroken. With this app store, you can download and install packages that aren’t found in the official App Store.

TutuApp VIP has an ever-growing collection of games and apps. It has an update for iOS 10 and iOS 12, allowing it to stay competitive in the jailbreak landscape.

You’ll also love its enhanced graphics and chic new user interface.

What is great about the TutuApp VIP for iOS is that it fixes some of the problems that annoy many users. These are:

  • The need to reinstall apps and games if TutuApp gets deactivated
  • Revoked certificates after iOS upgrade
  • Not being able to personally request an app to be added
  • Limit on number of free “cracked” games and apps

What apps are available on TutuApp VIP

Free downloadable packages of the best tweaked and premium apps:

  • Spotify++
  • MovieBox Pro
  • Minecraft PE
  • GTA San Andreas
  • Instagram++
  • NessVPN

TutuApp vs the TutuApp VIP? Both are good choices.

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