Any music lover would know about Spotify, the largest music streaming platform in the world. This freemium app has more than 217 million active users, 100 million of which are premium subscribers.

According to research, the average Spotify user spends at least 25 hours listening to the app in a month and 44% of its users listed to it on a daily basis.

Spotify also has more than 40 million tracks available for its users to enjoy, making it a must-have for almost anyone who wants access to good music whenever they want to.

Free versus Premium: What are the differences?

Since Spotify is a freemium app, it allows for both free and premium access. While the free version isn’t all that bad, the premium subscription also has a lot of extra benefits that you can enjoy.


If you download Spotify on your phone, you’ll get the free version first that offers a massive choice of tracks to listen to. You also get unlimited streaming and it is compatible with all major mobile platforms.

The only downside to this free use is that you can’t use Spotify in offline mode, there are advertisements in between—and sometimes in the middle—of tracks and you will be limited when it comes to accessing content from the app for only 6 months. Some users also say that the free version has a lower quality audio than the premium one.


There are more than 100 million Premium Spotify subscribers around the world, and it’s easy to know why. A premium subscription at just $10 a month—and $5 for students—will already let you enjoy uninterrupted music by removing all ads.

You can also listen to music even while offline, get first dibs on the latest albums and other exclusive content, and access the entire Spotify library on a home stereo system.

Introducing the Spotify++ iPA

Now if you want to enjoy Spotify’s premium features but don’t have the extra $10 to spend every month, you can download the tweak version of the app instead.

With Spotify++ iPA, you’ll get no advertisements, no forced shuffle and unlimited skips. You also get to import from Music app and enjoy the best audio quality that’s only exclusive for premium subscribers.

Requirements to download Spotify++:

  • Cydia Impactor or Xcode 7 to sideload IPA files
  • Spotify IPA file
  • Windows or Mac computer
  • USB cable
  • Third-party apps like TweakBox, Tutu App or AppValley

If you’re downloading Spotify++iPA from a non-jailbreak device, you can just do it on the Tutu App where you’ll just have to follow a few prompts to get the app on your phone.

If you’re downloading it on your iPhone or iPad, on the other hand, you will need the Cydia Impactor and Spotify iPA files downloaded on your computer.

Then, you can connect your device on the computer where you will need to follow several prompts to install Spotify++iPA on your device.

Once that’s done, you can already enjoy all the great things that only premium subscribers have, all without paying for anything.

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