Have you tried the latest portable document format (PDF) editor from Red Software yet? If not, then take a look at the new features of PDFescape, an advertising and fee-supported Web-based PDF editor.

What is PDFescape?

PDFescape is a PDF editor that is written in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and ASP. Basically, it features PDF editing, form filling, form publishing, page arrangement, printing, and saving.

You can get the premium or the ad-free version for a fee. Moreover, you can try from publishing but it also requires added fees. Only the basic features of PDDescape will be provided for free.

Likewise, it offers online storage for PDF documents. At the same time, it can be used with common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. It was first published on February 20, 2007.

Basic Features

You can open any PDF document within the app itself or it can be imported though a Web interface. You may be able to modify open documents with the use of a set of tools such as those found in popular apps like Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open PDF files from local computer or Web
  • Edit PDF files and forms
  • Fill out PDF forms using form fields
  • Save files to local computer and online account
  • Print files without installing any software
  • Email files
  • Share and collaborate on PDF documents
  • Publish forms

Publishing Forms With PDFescape

  • Locate or create your PDF form – You can add form fields to PDF files with the use of applications and services. Just open the PDF in PDFescape.com and use the Form Field tool. Complete your form design and click File – Save As and save it on your desktop
  • Sign up for a plan for publishing – You simply have to log into your account by clicking Publish and pick Publish New PDF. If the plan that you have doesn’t allow publishing, you will be notified by PDFescape wherein you can upgrade to continue using the service.
  • Upload your PDF – The document publishing area in your account allows you to upload your form from your computer. Just wait a few minutes to finish uploading, which depends on the size of the form.
  • Link to and customize your PDF form – After the upload, you can modify multiple settings regarding how the PDF form will be sent upon completion.

What’s New With PDFescape?

In the new update, there are a number of features that you can use.

  • New 64-bit version that opens plugins in MS Office for Windows 64-bit users
  • New redaction feature enables to black out confidential information within the PDF file
  • Create PDF files from any file format you can print
  • Convert PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and image, among others
  • Edit the content of the file and insert headers and footers, links, page numbers, and watermarks.

You can also take advantage of its lightning fast load time. At the same time, drag and drop from Explorer easily to insert and convert documents. Moreover, you can pick multiple pages to delete.

A ton of other new features are also included in the new update, including the Whiteout tool and the new file properties for extended access to fonts, security, and viewing options.

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