If Android users have Lucky Patcher, iOS users now have GameGem. It is one of the best cheat engines for iOS that supports iPad and iPhone devices running iOS 8 and above.

It’s what you need to hack your way to winning a wide range of iOS games and apps.

What is GameGem?

It is an iOS game hacking tool that is easy to use and features the basic functions of a memory editor.

Some of its features include:

  • Fuzzy search for unknown values
  • Possible Multiple / mass value editing
  • Value scanning and value freezing
  • Speedhacks, allowing users to enable time hacks
  • Exact value search, so users can accurately search for known values

On top of this, the app is completely free and is regularly updated so it remains compatible with the latest updates and releases of Apple’s operating system.

What is great about this app is that it will work for some offline games.

Limitations of GameGem

No app or game is entirely perfect, and the same is true with GameGem.

Despite its massive popularity, it has its share of limitations that can be frustrating to users.

For instance, it can’t hack online games if the money / gem values are stored on the servers.

It also comes bundled with small ads.

But the real damper is the need for a device to be jailbroken before GameGem can be installed on the iOS platform.

This should be expected, however, considering that game cheating tools are generally unacceptable. App store is also against giving users the privileges to change memory and other apps.

There’s no way around this so you need your iOS device to be jailbroken beforehand. Make sure you use a device that is not connected to your main apple account.

How to install GameGem

  1. Jailbreak your iOS device.

Note: For the app to run on iOS, the device must be jailbroken, with Cydia installed or Appsync, and internet access.

  1. Install the GameGem Cydia app
  2. Go to BigBoss repo > Utilities > GameGem
  3. From the repo, install GameGem.

How to use GameGem

  1. Launch the app
  2. Start the game that you want to hack
  3. Make sure that the game you want to hack is connected to GameGem. Check the top bar for confirmation.
  4. Run an accurate scan and type in the number / value that you want to the see in the game and then hack or change. Type “auto” if you don’t know the value.
  5. Wait for the scan to complete and to generate a huge list of values. If the value you want to see is not on the list, change the scan results by playing the game.
  6. Scan again to narrow down the list. Stop when you are left with <12 values
  7. Modify the results:
    1. Put a check mark next to the address / value that you want to modify. Click the “Modify” button.
    2. Type in the value you want and tap the “Confirm” button. This will change the score accordingly.
  8. Go back to the game and run another scan if you wish to repeat the process.

The search / scan process is practically the same. One of the differences is that the scan first looks for any value before narrowing it down.

The scan results are then displayed by increased value, decreased value, and unchanged value, among others.

Another difference is that Fuzzy search lets you hack game values that are not explicitly shown in a game. Some examples are XP bars and health bars.

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