You probably know by now that updating software – any at all – is very important. Yes, it’s a nuisance when it forces you to disengage from whatever it was you were doing. However, ignoring it could cause problems down the road.

How does this all relate to Appvn and its coming March 2019 update?

We’ll get there in a bit. First, let’s use an example to illustrate why it’s important to update a piece of software, be it an app or a productivity suite.

You’ve probably heard about vaccines, right? It’s a pretty controversial topic these days when it shouldn’t be. The bottom line is this: you need them for protection. Those who refuse to, for example, get their children vaccinated are putting their kids’ life at risk.

The same thing can be said about getting the latest version of any software. Making sure you have the latest version ensures that your device is not only up to date but also protected from whatever threats are lurking on the web.

It’s really that simple.

Another marketplace option

Android users have to rely on the Play Store to get apps, books, music, and movies. It is THE marketplace for entertainment-related items for devices running on Android. However, it is not the ONLY one.

Appvn functions just like the Play Store. If you want to search for apps or download an app a friend has recommended, it’s the first place you go to. While that is most definitely true, the beauty of the Android system is that it allows app installation from external sources; all you have to do is enable a setting.

A host of apps not in Play Store

Since Appvn prides itself in being an alternate marketplace to Google’s Play Store, certainly there is something else about it that would want people to use it more often. That something is the offering of apps that couldn’t be found in the Play Store.

An added bonus that Appvn provides is this: ALL the apps that are available in the marketplace can be downloaded free of charge. Yes, you read that right. You will find a lot of apps that require payment to download on the Play Store or ones that require lots of in-app purchases to be fully enjoyed. Appvn differs from that by offering apps that you can get without having to pay at all.

An app for rooted devices

While it does allow users to download apps without paying a single penny, the app works best on a device that has been rooted. That means gaining access to your phone’s deepest levels in order to modify it the way you choose. This is a hard decision you have to make but can be made easier if you decide that you are the type of person who wants to make changes to their phone.

Appvn does provide a couple of advantages over the official marketplace. However, you also have to be more than willing to root your device to make sure you get the benefits. And when getting Appvn, always make sure you have the latest version.

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