Anyone paying attention to the news – or viral videos for that matter – in 2017 would most certainly recall a BBC interview with Professor Robert Kelly that was gatecrashed by his two young children. It was quite a light moment for a discussion that was pretty serious (the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye).

That’s a video you would want to have on your phone just in case you want to watch something that lifts you up when you’re feeling down, right? That’s exactly what VidMate lets you do: download videos from popular sharing sites for offline viewing.

With VidMate, you can download your most favorite viral clips on YouTube to store on your phone to keep you company during long commutes or just to put a smile on your face. Although available as an APK, this doesn’t mean you just download it once then you’re done. Installing an app on your device also entails being responsible for keeping it up to date.

Why should that be the case?

The answer is simple: the more recently updated an app is, the better – and newer – features you can take advantage of.

Save on data

VidMate isn’t just a life-saver when it comes to extremely long commutes. It’s also a data saver.

Let’s be real: data is precious and sometimes you can blow through it all by just watching videos. Well, if you want to use your phone’s data for more important things then VidMate is a great app to download.

It’s also equally important to get the latest version to ensure that you always have the newest features. You have to keep in mind that no software is created perfect; bugs will exist and an update gets rid of them.

Viewing pleasure

There is no limit to the number of videos you can download using VidMate. You can get as many as your free storage space allows. So you also have to pay attention in this department. You can’t keep downloading until such a time that you’ve filled up precious space on your device. Always find time to transfer files to give way for others.

So if you’re someone who has to commute long distances to get to work or school, make sure you download all the videos you want to watch for the journey. Doing so makes time pass faster while also making you less grumpy about the trip. Just make sure you charge your batteries or bring a portable charger along with you.

VidMate with Mobile Data

VidMate has been a blessing to many users since it first came out. After all, videos are a widely consumed medium and using one’s own mobile data to watch online lectures and funny videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites will most certainly consume it. With VidMate, you can save those precious data for more important moments.

For those who aren’t aware of this app, this is available as an APK so you have to enable Unkown Sources in your device’s Settings to install it.

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