In the era of smart tech, we have got several messaging apps available. 

Out of all these messaging apps, we have WhatsApp which has billions of active users online every day. You can do instant messaging , call your loved ones anytime (just an internet connection is what you require).

When we overview WhatsApp’s official version, it somewhere lacks in functionality and features that we all may require. This is  where MODs and GBWhatsApp make their place.

GBWhatsApp is simply a revised version of WhatsApp with some exclusive features on the go. We’ll talk about GBWhatsApp and its latest update here:

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a revised version that uses WhatsApp’s official backend and a customized interface that has some excellent features around.

Here are a number of exciting features GBWhatsApp comes with:

Changing Themes:

Firstly, you can change themes and customize your messaging environment. There are several built-in themes with customized icons and features to give your WhatsApp an all-new look.

Dual/Multiple WhatApp Accounts:

Secondly, GBWhatsApp allows you to run multiple accounts at the same time. No worries if you have got two numbers in use, GBWhatsApp can help you stay active with both.

Infinite Sending:

Other than the multiple accounts feature, GBWhatsApp can help you send multiple images at the same time. On the official version, we have a limit of about 10 images but GBWhatsApp allows you to send more than that.


What if you are changing your smartphone and don’t want to lose your contacts and messages?

GBWhatsApp has got you covered with timely backups.

Auto Reply of Messages:

This is the best of all, you can auto-reply to your customers and clients for better engagement.

Auto-reply features, when combined with businesses on WhatsApp, helps them grow instantly.

Changing Notification bar icon

Well, if you’re bored with the same icon for messages and call updates, you can change the icon placed in there, it just takes a few taps to do so.

Message Scheduler:

What if you require sending a reminder or important message before tonight and forget?

GBWhatsApp saves you from that hassle with its scheduler to schedule and send messages on-time.

What’s New in the GBWhatsApp new update?

It’s latest release just came around and has a number of bugs fixations made.

Bugs including the account bans are fixed accurately and there will be no account bans from now on.

Additionally, you can customize your emoji’s and surprise your friends with your creativity.

Download Latest GBWHATSAPP Update:

Here’s a link to download the latest APK:

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